Catching up with finished items…

Pattern: ZeeBee by Schmeebot
Needles: 5.5mm, Knit picks options
Yarn: Jaeger Matchmaker Merino DK, 2 50g balls held double – with pretty much none left over

Notes: I loved making this. It was quick and fun to knit, and I love that it’s a pattern generator, so you pick your yarn and needle size, knit a swatch, key in the measurements and you get a perfect pattern.

I needed a thick and warm hat, knit fairly densely to contain curly hair. So, that’s what I got! 2 strands of DK held together on 5.5mm needles is pretty dense, but was exactly what I wanted.

Oh, and yes, plain navy wool – between this and the current sweater do you see a pattern?

The pattern is knit flat using short rows and is very nifty. It’s then seamed up using garter stitch grafting so in theory should look seamless. My grafting is crap a little less than perfect, so it’s sort of visible, but that’s ok.

Also, this starts with a crochet cast on. I’m not sure what I do wrong with a crochet cast on, but when people talk about being able to just ‘unzip’ the stitches? Doesn’t work for me. I end up having to undo the crochet chain bit by bit, pulling the yarn out from my stitches. I can’t read crochet stitches like I can knit ones: need to work on that. Perhaps by making another ZeeBee.