Week of KitKats: Saturday – Mango KitKat Balls

Now, the one I think that everyone’s been waiting for: The final KitKat that accompanied Luke from Fuji Mama, the Mango KitKat Balls.

Curious. An interesting idea, the little balls. They’re sort of square really. Clever though.

Now. The important part.


These really taste like Mango. They have the mango flavour down. And I can report this: Mango and KitKat does not go at all.

These were really horrible. Just nasty. Just wrong. I only managed one.

Verdict: 1/10. I have to give points for ingenuity. I’m very glad I tried these, but I’ll also be glad not to have to eat one again.

4 thoughts on “Week of KitKats: Saturday – Mango KitKat Balls

  1. Well: these are clearly wrong, wrong things. What’s with all the kitkat biodiversity anyway? It’s like the Cambrian explosion, but with kitkats. I see mango kitkat balls and I worry that the kitkat people might be losing their way. Or maybe they’ve replaced the kitkat product development guy (who invented the two-fingered kitkat back in ’72 and has just kinda been coasting along ever since) with some sort of machine running a genetic algorithm to discover the ultimate kitkat. Only a machine could come up with mango kitkat balls.

  2. Heee!
    I sort of figured that they’d be foul. Mango is so lovely, but paired with chocolate? Eh, no. It really overwhelms almost everything except for maybe lemon or coconut. Perhaps a dark chocolate would have worked? Did it need more bitter?

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