Out of practice commuter

So, a new train station opened up in the city centre. Not long ago. It means that more trains leave from my closest station, and I assumed that they went all the way into town, spurring off before the reached the city proper.

So, this morning I get to the station and a train pulls in. The front of the train lists the destination as the old city centre stop, and when I used to get the train regularly trains would often be late with no announcement. So, you know, I figured this train would go where I wanted. The announcements kept on saying ‘this train stops at all stations to x’ with x being the new station.

That’s ok I thought, they all in where I want.

Apparantly not.

Still, discovering this just in time to hop off at the station before, unappealing though that station is, is much better than realising as I fly by my stop.