Knitting Surgery

The blue sweater is coming along nicely. At the moment I’m joining the sleeves and body together at the yoke. At four points I do a double decrease to make a nice straight line, eating up one stitch from the sleeve and one from the body at each time. It’s looking quite pretty:

I have one decrease round followed by two plain rounds. Nice and simple, right?

No, not right. I missed one. Two rounds back. Two long rounds back.

So, after fortifying myself with an M&S apple and cinnamon hot cross bun I set to work .

I tinked back to the decrease point and dropped 3 stitches down, catching them on a spare needle:

Then I used another needle and a crochet hook to complete the slip-2-tog K1 psso, and pick the remaining stitch back up:

I felt pleased with myself and knit on for a few stitches, feeling smug.

Until I realised that I’d fixed a decrease that didn’t need fixing.

I may have uttered a few choice words at this point.

So, start again.
Eat small chocolate egg.
Tink back to that decrease. Drop down, undo decrease and pick up three stitches back to where they should be.
Tink back around to the place that does need fixing. Double check that it is, in fact, the right place.
Drop stitches down, decrease, work back up.

It’s a bit loose looking, but I’m hoping that when I work the next decrease round it should pull it in again, or I can always pop a stitch in the back if needs be, or hey, it’s very feltable wool – I can just rub it a bit when I wash it.

What do you think?