Jackyll & Hyde (or The terrifying balaclava)

Jackyll & Hyde was the Knitty halloween surprise pattern, and at the time I sent it round to people as I thought it was really cool.

Linus liked it so much he asked if I could make him one, so of course I agreed. I hope to have it done for christmas, but then that didn’t happen. Then I thought I’d have it done early in the new year, but that didn’t really happen either.

You see, I work best under pressure. I’m all about leaving things to the very last minute. Then getting hugely stressed about them. This time I didn’t get to the hugely stressed part (that doesn’t seem to happen with knitting), but I did leave it to the last minute.

Linus left early this morning to go snowboarding. I finished this in the pub on Friday night. Actually, I finished the knitting a few weeks ago, sewing in the ends a week or so ago, and just needed to embroider on the nose and mouth. The nose and mouth really brought it all together and I’m delighted with it.

I’m not sure how much wear it’ll get – it is really, really warm, but I don’t mind – it was fun to make and nothing beats the satisfaction of a grateful recipient.

Pattern: Jackyll & Hyde from Knitty, made with thicker yarn and the pattern fudged a bit to allow for more stitches.
Needles: 5mm addi turbo
Yarn: Løve Garn Ragsokgarn bought from Scandinavian Knitting Design. 100% superwash wool. Really sproingy and wooly, lovely to knit with, and very nicely priced.

Ravelry makes it easy to see other people’s versions of a pattern. My absolute favourite and one idea that I may shamelessly copy at some point in the future is this wonderful Zoidberg version.

4 thoughts on “Jackyll & Hyde (or The terrifying balaclava)

  1. nothing like the pressure of the last minute. i had to alter my daughter’s costume late last night after stitches west because i neglected to for the last two weeks. sigh.

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