4 thoughts on “Hot Port

  1. Just wondered if a hot port was any different to hot whiskey.
    Sure of course it is! Much more comforting and mellow. Jus the ticket for a rotten cold.
    Could get used to this. Enjoy

  2. Just in from taking the cattle some water (all the outside taps frozen, then standing in the snow surrounded by my small flock of sheep eating hay from the gathering I held for them, then walking our so-pleased-to-be-out ponies down the track and slipping on the ice up the hill, the trees still frosted. Then I thought of the bottle of port Laszlo brought over for me – it’s Christmas Day, cold, white Christmas here in Ireland. Just what is the recipe? …. Now to enjoy – and Happy New Year to anyone who passes this way

  3. thanks for recipe so its the same as hot whiskey! its freezing here in Ireland at moment so thanks for recipe again…mmmm just like me mam makes

  4. I spend 3 years in sligo and i loved my hot pert when i m cold or sick now i m back in france for a while (i m french) and my mum never ear about hot port she just read the recipe and had her first one few seconde ago…. Got mine too!!! was lovely

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