On Holiday

I’m off on my holidays, relaxing like mad. Today we headed off for some sightseeing, then came back to the gite for a few hours relaxing in the early evening sun.
I’ve been sitting outside with a cup of tea, happily knitting away (baby surprise jacket, very exciting). Although I’ve been listening to old episodes of I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, I’ve been taking breaks to listen to the birds. There’s a big old oak tree to my left that’s home to a flock of very small birds that look quite like sparrows, and others with a pale green breast. A tap tap tapping indicated a woodpecker, and I was able to watch him for a while. He’s black and white, with larger patches on his upper body and spots at the bottom. In front of me is a large fir with brambles underneath, where a group of starlings stopped earlier for a feed of blackberries. Swifts have been swooping above the field over the way, and the cows in the field next to me are quietly munching away at the grass.
Quite a change from my usual Dublin life.
Now, it’s most definately time for a large glass of wine while I get the dinner on.

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