Name and Shame: Cafe Tri-D

Cafe Tri-D (Dawson St, Dublin) used to be an irish language cafe, run by Gael-Linn, which was a lovely little spot to visit for lunch. I don’t know who’s running it now but it’s awful.

Above is a picture of my pannini – supposedly a vegetarian one containing cheese, pesto, roast peppers etc etc etc, you get the idea. It did have cheese. Tasteless, plasticy cheese. It had a couple of peppers, and, quite randomly, some roast mushrooms (I know, mushrooms don’t roast well). No tomato, no pesto, no flavour. Even adding a considerable amount of pepper and some cheese and onion crisps to the mix didn’t help. Tasteless and rubbery.

The decor in the place was odd too – they’d blocked off half of the seating spaces with an ugly wooden room divider, and each table had an enormous pot plant on it:

The whole impression of the place was one of blandness. The pictures on the walls looked ok at a first glance, but further investigation showed that they made no sense at all.

Anyway, I’ll not be going back and I recommend that you all stay away too. Honestly, if you can’t run a decent cafe on Dawson Street, right in between the three best bookstores in Dublin, you don’t deserve to be in business.

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