A Day Off

I took today off work. It’s been a hectic few weeks, and I didn’t think I’d be able to take a break before we go on holiday (18th August!), but I was able to at the last minute and took it took it took it.

So, what did I do with myself on this fine day? It really has been a fine day too – the first in about 6 weeks that it hasn’t rained on, not even a tiny little bit. Although, clouds have just come over, and there are almost 3 hours left in the day, so I shouldn’t really speak too soon. Ok, I swear, I just finished that sentence when it started. Yep, it’s raining.

Anyway. I had some housework to do, and then I was going to knit. Maybe even write something. It was going to be great.

So, you know, first I check my email and catch up on some blogs.

Then it happens.

I switch on the Xbox.

I spend the next two hours playing Zuma.

Zuma is a very simple and highly addictive game on Xbox live arcade. Essentially you shoot balls out of a frog’s mouth, and when you get more than two of the same colour they disappear.

I reckon I spent a good two hours today playing Zuma. That’s two hours I could have spent cleaning, knitting, writing, pulling the dead parsley out of the herb pot on the patio, doing a load of washing, I could have made dinner for later, etc etc etc.

Instead I spent two hours shooting balls out of a frog’s mouth.


Anyway, once I managed to find the willpower to switch the computer off I turned things around. Popped on some Johnny Cash, and before I knew it I had the place* vacuumed, todoed, dusted, the dishwasher emptied and re-filled, and a load of washing done.
*When I say ‘the place’ I don’t mean the whole apartment. Just one room. One room will do for now.

Then, time to relax.

Cheryl has very kindly leant me her spinning wheel while she’s back in the US for the summer, and it’s been sitting patiently, looking at me, occasionally sighing quietly when I walk past it. So, today was the day. (I had a little go yesterday too). Accompanied by the delicious Mighty Leaf African Nectar rooibus tea that Kathy sent me, I sat down to try my hand at spinning again.

First getting to grips with it again with some brown wool.

And then with some white. I did know what type this is, but I’ve forgotten.

I was definitely improving by the time I stopped.There are a good few overspun parts, but I’m quite pleased. I plan on plying the two together and they dyeing with kool aid.