A stroll in the sun

Today we headed out to the Wicklow Mountains (hills?) for a bit of a gentle hike. The walk from Crone woods up to Maulin starts off as a forest walk on a track, and is easy going enough. It’s nice and cool in the trees, and every now and then you catch a glimpse of the bright yellow gorse on the hills below.

About three quarters of the way up the hill the view opens up and you can see the grounds of the Powerscourt Estate Deer Park below:

The waterfall’s a popular family picnic spot – I’ve only ever been from this angle, and while it does look lovely down there it also looks pretty crowded and kinda noisy.

Anyway, from there the path takes a turn through a pine forest and out onto the mountain the other side. Then it’s down the mountain a bit to a lovely picnic spot by the side of the stream that feeds the waterfall.
At least, that’s how it used to be. Since I was last up here it’s all been cut down, and the beautiful green wood now looks like this:

The Irish Forestry Board owns the woods, and while you’d think they would be there to protect the environment and maintain the forests as a beautiful natural amenity, in fact they’re all about the profit. It was really disappointing, and this had been one of my favourite walks.

Nevertheless, we’d hiked up to the top so we carried on and settled by the stream (on the small green bit you can just about see in the picture) for our lunch and a bit of a rest.

I even managed a few rows on the sock.

Which nicely leads me into how the sock is coming along. I’m trying to stay a bit more focussed on my projects at the moment and have only a couple of things on the go, so I’ve mainly been working on this and my other project that’s not being blogged. The second sock is coming along nicely and I just need to start the heel flap.