A song to represent me

Now. A question was posed to me the other day, and I’ve been pondering it since then.

If you were to put forward a song for a mix-cd (oh! how times have changed, no more tapes) to represent you, what would it be?

It has me stumped. What’s my favourite song? It changes all the time.

Do I go for something by The Cardigans, one of my all-time favourite bands? And if so, which song? The sweet poppy Gordon’s Gardenparty that I loved when I was 17, or a the more recent I Need Some Fine Wine and You Need to be Nicer?

Or another all-time favourite band, Belle and Sebastian? And again, which song? If I can’t even narrow it down to one or two here, how could I just pick one to represent me totally? If I pick Beautiful will people think that I think of myself as beautiful only slightly mental? Do I? Is that vain? How about The Boy with the Arab Strap? Too predictable? Le Pastie de la Bourgeoisie because it always makes me dance oddly in my car?

Then what about Nick Drake for songs that always move me? Magic? River Man? Too depressing for a compilation? Would I bring everyone’s mood down?

How about Janis Joplin with Son of a Preacherman? It’s a classic. You Can’t Hurry Love by The Supremes? Wives and Lovers by Jack Jones (written by the legendary Hal David and Burt Bacharach) for the sheer hilarity and irony?

There are too many possibilities: Bic Runga, Stellar, Nirvana, The Carpenters, The Bee Gees (laugh if you like, but just try and walk down the street listening to Saturday Night Fever without strutting), Blur, The Kinks, Beth Orton. Ack. Too many. (Also, you may notice that on the whole I stopped buying new music a while ago.)

So, I put the question out there: One song, to represent you. What would it be?