Rhubarb, Red Gooseberry and Tayberry Crumble

300g rhubarb, washed and chopped into 1 inch pieces
360g red gooseberries, topped and tailed, washed and dried
140g tayberries
75g unrefined caster sugar

Heat gently until rhubarb is softened and starts to break up.

50g unrefined caster sugar
50g brown sugar
150g wholemeal flour
75g butter
half teaspoon ground ginger
half teaspoon ground cinnamon

Rub together until it looks like breadcrumbs.
Mix in:
40g oats
30g chopped hazelnuts

Put filling and topping in dish and cook at 220C for 20 mins.
Serve warm with cold natural yoghurt.

Tastes like summer.

4 thoughts on “Rhubarb, Red Gooseberry and Tayberry Crumble

  1. we have a tayberry bush in our back garden along with rhubarb. a friend gave me some green table gooseberries they grow in their garden. An addition i made to this recipe was some bramble liqueur. Cant tell you how much went in as it started with a tablespoon but……
    tayberries are a cross between raspberries and brambles. you any where near Dingwall TadMack? 14 miles up from Inverness. will have some more soon if the weather holds. they make fab jam, and our goosbary friend is trying this years crop in wine for us.

  2. I’m still in search of tayberries. I mean, we *have* a River Tay. But no berries. Only gooseberries I’ve found are …kind of yellowish-white. But I CAN find rhubarb! The tayberries look remarkably like Red Flame grapes…

    But it looks tasty. It’s been so humid lately I haven’t baked anything in ages… might be time to try a crumble. Yum.

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