The Electric Picnic

So, my weekend at the Electric Picnic.

It was wonderful. There was such a great reaction to the knitted picnic, and to the idea of knitting – I really wasn’t expecting such an amazing response.

Knitted picnic anyone?

We were super busy all the time for both of the days that we were there, so we didn’t get to see many of the bands playing, but we were right next to the Big Tree stage that had lots of Irish artists playing throughout our time there, so we had lots of great music to keep us going. The time just flew by hanging out by our knitting teepee:

We taught total beginners, people who hadn’t picked up needles for years, people who’d had bad experiences taught as kids, and were joined by other knitters who just loved the idea of hanging out for a while and knitting. Watching people learn, and helping them along, gave me such a rush. Seeing their faces move from an initial huge grin when they realised they had it, to intense concentration as they got into it and wanted to do it right was so cool.

My favourites I think were the four lads that joined us first as they were so proud of what they made, the guy who’d wandered over with his girlfriend and who agreed to try four stitches just for the laugh, but ended up staying for over an hour, and in fact, all the rest of the people who kept putting off their friend’s protests about bands starting soon with “just one more row”.

I had a very brief conversation with Aileen from Knitting Neels, but I didn’t get to introduce myself as I only found out who she was later on when we were admiring the piece she knit.

I made a tie for a tree, as it was looking a little scruffy and bringing down the tone of the area:

And it added to the decorations already up:

After the knitting was done I…

Ate falafel (hippies make great food)…

Drank yummy vegan chai with some mediocre carrot cake…

Watched Belle and Sebastian and some of the Frames…

And drank a well deserved pint. Lager never tasted so good. Just the one, drinking’s bad for you, don’t do it kids…

All in all it was a really wonderful weekend. You can also read about it over at Clickety Knits and Tangelled Angel.

3 thoughts on “The Electric Picnic

  1. I’m just as bad at introducing myself – it was only later that I realised I hadn’t been introducing myself to anyone at all – just making them knit!
    Yep – see you on the 23rd!

  2. Ah! So you were the one with the armbands! I am terrible for introducing myself. I get all shy and silly! Well done for creating such a lovely knitting tent, it was so much fun to join in and even had the pleasure of teaching a very eager young man myself :) See you at the next SnB?

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