I had big plans yesterday evening.

I was going to write a big old blog post, tidy the kitchen, do some washing, maybe even clean the bathroom, and then get a nice early night.

But before I did all that I decided to just read a chapter of this:

My plans went out of the window. I couldn’t put it down. I didn’t even stop to make a cup of tea. Whole book read, I got to bed at 1am.

To make it even worse, I stopped off at a bookshop on my way home tonight (showing great restraint by not ditching work today to do so), and bought this:

Tonight I’m wiser though: I’m putting the kettle on before I read even one tiny little word.

6 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. books can be SO addicting. for example, i am reading a whole slew of books set in ireland right now to prepare for my move. but i need to be packing for a trip instead. it’s easy to get distracted, as you know!

  2. many of my daughter’s schoolmates have read the book(s), are in the middle of reading the book(s) or are waiting for someone else to finish reading the book and lend it to them. they all adore it. have fun!

  3. Oh, the slippery slope. Hate to tell you but they get more intense by the book. Yikes. You may need to take off work for 2 days to get the next 2 read. Great read!!

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