Week of KitKats: Wednesday – Berries

The third of the KitKats that accompanied Luke from Fuji Mama, this seemed to be a berry flavoured KitKat.

First off, I loved the packaging. A cute cardboard box, that opened really cleanly at the end, to reveal 2 individually wrapped two bar KitKats. OK, so it’s a bit unneccesary, but it’s so neat and convenient.

The inside revealed white chocolate KitKat with pink strawberry flavoured swirls in it. It was suprisingly yummy. Sort of summery. Great for those days when it’s a bit too hot for chocolate but you want some anyway. Quite sweet, but tasty too. I was glad for the individual wrappers as one satisfied me nicely and was perfect with my cuppa.

Verdict: 7/10. Great packaging, sweet and tasty.

3 thoughts on “Week of KitKats: Wednesday – Berries

  1. This is one of my current favorites! It’s “triple berry”, though I agree that the strawberry comes through the strongest. This flavor seems to come back every summer, though some of the flavors never do. Most of the flavors are seasonal in Japan to match the holidays and what is actually in season in the produce aisle. Fun!

  2. All these multi-flavoured Kit-Kats make me feel as if I am missing something. Do I not live in one of the oldest democracies in the world? Why do I not have access to strawberry Kit-Kats? Clearly the terrorists are winning.

  3. I really wonder why it is that they get all the interesting flavours in Asia. I mean, they just do! Is it because the West is just … well, not as daring? Or is it because food can be viewed much more as entertainment in Asia (I’m thinking of Iron Chef, here)? Do they just have more complex palettes over there?

    Not that I’m after your KitKat – I can’t abide white chocolate whatsoever. ;)

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