I am a crocheter

Who knew?


I have a thing for crocheted blankets, and for ages I’ve wanted to make myself a giant granny square blanket out of sock yarn. The only problem was that I didn’t know how to crochet, and then I didn’t know how to make granny squares.

Enter the indomitable She Knit Up That Ball, who had me crocheting in next to no time, and then finally, a web tutorial and some pointers from Duilleoga got me going with granny squares, and I was away. Until I was hit by my chronic indecisiveness. My plan had been to make one giant square, for less seaming, and to have something that just kept on getting bigger, but when I had the yarns together I started thinking about making one from smaller squares instead. A discussion on twitter was inconclusive, with votes for both methods. It was crocheter extraordinaire Irene that swung it for me though, by pointing out that larger squares are more prone to sagging, and the seams add structure. I want to learn how to use crochet for seaming too, so doing it this way will add another skill to my repertoire.

I think that this is a project that will take me a long time to complete.



So, not being content with having one crochet blanket on the go, I’ve started a second too. This is from a chunky cotton-acrylic blend on a 6mm hook though, so it’ll be a bit faster than the sock yarn one. I have two balls each of purple, cream, and a silvery grey, and I’m making stripes of double crochet, working a whole ball at a time. This is my mindless project for middle of the night baby wake ups – so oddly, I hope it’s slow going, as that means I’m getting more sleep!

6 thoughts on “I am a crocheter

  1. congrats on the crochet-ing. i have a smidge of envy since i have yet to master it. can’t wait to see the blanket. my mom made a granny square one for me when i first moved away from home and i still use it! have fun.

  2. HI!
    Meant to comment earlier, but anyway, congratulations on the wee man.

    I have zero skills in crocheting; always something I meant to learn. Now I want to learn so I can do amigurumi… but I should probably start with something flat, methinks…

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