Round Dishcloth

As I just received a lovely pile of Sugar’n Cream from Kathy, I absolutely had to cast on for a dishcloth right away. Kristen’s made, erm, quite a few (I love Ravelry) round dishcloths, and they look very pretty, so that’s where I started.

I used this great pattern, my wonderful new Brittany 4.5mm needles, and the purple and green yarn that demanded to be cast on from the moment I saw it.

This is how far I got before I decided it was going to be too big:

So, I turned it into this:

Which was absolutely no problem whatsoever as this yarn is lovely to work with, the needles are a dream, and the pattern is easy to remember, totally addictive, and looks fancy even though it’s simple, so I cast on again with 17 stitches instead of 21 and in no time at all I had a finished cloth. Lovely.

9 thoughts on “Round Dishcloth

  1. Looks like a great pattern, I’d like to knit the blocks into a neckline of a garment or some kind of a scarf á lá Norah Gaughin!

  2. Wow! I’m thinking that it’d make a great end to a scarf, actually. You could place half of your stitches onto a holding needle & then knit around until you met them, then kitchener stitch everybody together or something, and you’d have a round-ended scarf. You’d have to do … something odd to start, too, but it’d be truly cool.

    Or maybe a triangular shawl with the points in this instead of being simply pointed?

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