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About a month ago I managed to pay off my credit card completely for the first time in a long while. I’d used it to pay for my masters, so I hadn’t been feeling guilty about it, but it’s a nice feeling to have it paid off and back under control. Anyway, what’s the thing to do when a credit card is sitting there nice and empty?

Yep, you know. Buy stuff.

My car helped out at this stage by having a problem with the exhaust, but despite its valiant efforts I decided that I was still allowed to spend some money on something that I wanted.

Now, this time coincided with Cheryl’s trip back to the US for the summer. There’s a certain yarn company over there that doesn’t ship to Ireland, and Cheryl very kindly offered to accept a small delivery for me and bring it back with her. I really meant to stick to small, honestly, but, well, the yarn is such good value too, and, ok, I totally took advantage of a friend’s kind offer, in a way that was very, very cheeky, and I really am incredibly grateful to Cheryl for hoofing all this stuff back for me. Seriously. I owe Cheryl one big favour.

So, what did I get?

Enough navy blue wool of the andes yarn for a man sized sweater. I’m thinking an Elizabeth Zimmerman seamless hybrid.

Telemark yarn for a fair isle sweater for me. The main colour is the deep red at the back. I’m going to make the Equinox yoke from last year’s Interweave. (fall or winter, I forget which)


The options interchangeable needle set.

This is what I really wanted. Since I bought it you can buy it outside of the US, but Knit Picks have decided that Ireland should be served by the UK stockists, which is a bit unfair really, as buying things in sterling when we live in the eurozone isn’t really much fun.

Anyhow, I’m in love with this. I love the folder, I love the needles, I love how the cables are purple, I love how I now have a gazillion sizes of needles. It’s just great.

Thank you Cheryl for playing courier.

And now, in combination with my French purchases, I think that I may have reached the point where I have enough yarn. Yes, you read right.

I. have. enough. yarn.

11 thoughts on “Knit Picks

  1. the yarn stash is wonderful. truly great colors. can’t wait to see the sweaters. truly wonderful of cheryl to bring it back. good to know you love the kp needles. i have always wondered about them. is the set enough or would you supplement it with various add-on’s? and though i truly admire the thought of having enough yarn, i would have to echo the Pah! there is always a little something enticing out there! good luck.

  2. What a great haul, especially the pretty pretty colors for fair isle.

    I have a question which I wonder if you wouldn’t mind answering… how long are the Options needle tips? I usually use Addi Turbos but I’m considering Options as a second (cheaper!) set. I like the longer tips that come with the longer Addi circs and am wondering how Options compares. They look short on the site but for some reason in your photo they look longer…


  3. I heard a rumour that they were thinking of shipping internationally, and some bloggers were being “test buyers”…
    Keep us posted on the Options needles – I am thinking of investing in interchangeables and its between these and Denise…
    Nice haul!

  4. If and when you run out of yarn again…if you need a Knit Picks fix, I’d be happy to help you. I’ve helped a couple of others in the past. Enablers unite.

  5. Ah, Knit Picks! I really love Knit Picks. It’s the best! And their needles are just fantastic. You’re lucky you didn’t see the newest addition to the set- funky colored wooden needle points to add to the cables. They are amazing.

    And next time you have a hankering or some Knit Picks stuff, let me know! I’ll gladly ship it to you any time!

  6. Ooh, that is a good haul. I’m really looking forward to seeing how your Fair Isle progresses- that Equinox Pullover caught my eye as well. I haven’t done any colourwork at all, and it’s on my (long) list of stuff to try.

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