Week of KitKats: Sunday – The Classic KitKat

Although I have just discovered a couple of untried KitKats here in Ireland, I couldn’t really end the Week of KitKats with anything other than the classic.

Sweet milk chocolate, crispy wafer, the bright red wrapping – what’s not to love?

The perfect accompaniment to a nice cup of tea and a sit down, possibly with knitting, the KitKat is a classic chocolate bar that is hard to surpass. Sure, pretenders and limited editions often appear, but I come back to these time and time again.

As chocolate bars go, this isn’t one for stuffing into one’s face to satisfy a sudden craving – it’s restrained, civilised. Slightly repressed. In other words, very English.

Verdict: 9/10. The classic lost a point due to the modern wrapping. Nothing can really replace the ritual of slipping the paper off without breaking it, running a fingernail through the foil between the bars, and then snapping the first bar off still in the foil. Sigh.


And so ends the week of KitKats. Enormous thanks to Fuji Mama for the Japanese KitKats, and to Krafty1 for starting Luke on his world trip and setting the whole thing off.

Now, a teeny tiny giveaway seemed in order. If you would like to receive an Irish KitKat sampler pack (plus bonus berry KitKat) just leave a comment below and I’ll draw from all the names entered by Tuesday, 8pm Irish time.

Included: Regular KitKat, Dark Chocolate KitKat, Chunky KitKat, KitKat Senses, and a 2 finger Japanese 3 berry KitKat. You’ll need a lot of tea.

11 thoughts on “Week of KitKats: Sunday – The Classic KitKat

  1. I agree with TadMack, for me it´s been years too.

    The package sound so lovely, count me in please. We have great (cool) chocolade weather and the post takes 2 days. ^_^

    Perhaps I could ask a person I know in Frankfurt for some Peanut Butter Chunky KitKat as exchange for you. ^_-

  2. Ooh, scary. Mango KitKats, now. You knew I had to join, even though I have no idea what KitKats even taste like anymore… wow, it’s been YEARS…

  3. I’m still amazed at all the flavors Japan has in KitKats!! Wow! Would have love to try the Mango myself. Sounds like it was a tough job sampling all those!

  4. omg! i did not connect that this was going to be a week of kitkat testing. i can’t believe you are not kitkatted out! bravo! i think you very brave to try the mango kitkat. anything for research. loved the reviews.

    don’t pick me. postage to send kitkats to california is not worth it. buy some yarn instead. take care.

  5. Pick me! Pick me! Not sure though what their condition would be when they arrived…

    At least I’m in Maine (warm) and not Texas (hot)

    I’ve enjoyed reading through your ‘tour d’Kit Kat’

  6. Me! Me! Me! Although, presumably Irish KitKat selection isn’t different than Welsh selection… Maybe it is. I haven’t checked.

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