Not so mini minisweater

So, although I’ve knocked out one or two smaller things in the time I’ve been knitting, I’ve never actually made – ok, ok, never actually finished a proper garment.

Last year at the Avoca sales, Sara and Cheryl picked up a cone of turquoise wool for me.

Now, I do know that with coned yarn you should really wash it before using it etc etc etc, but I figured that my first proper garment was going to be a disaster learning experience anyway, and I love the idea of having no ends to sew in, so I decided to knit straight off the cone.

I’m not finished yet, but I think we’re about due an update.

I’m making Stephanie Japel’s Mini-sweater/boobholder. My boobs don’t really need holding, so minisweater’s the more accurate term for a garment for me.
Except, instead of making it as written, I’m knitting down from the bottom and giving it long sleeves to make a full sized cardigan.

I have a couple more rows to get done on the bottom, and then I need to make the sleeves, and it needs a wash and a block, so I’m getting there. I’m not sure what to do with the sleeves. They’ll be stockinette ending with a few garter rows, but I don’t know whether to go straight down, or decrease and then increase again at the end, or just decrease.

Are there things I’d do differently?
Of course, but ask me again when I’m finished!