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Yarn Tasting

Posted by on Aug 28 2009 | Crafty things

Last night This is Knit organised a yarn tasting evening in the city. Yarn tasting? Yes. Yarn tasting.

New seasons yarns and some old favourites wound into sample balls. €20 bought me 20 vouchers, which I then exchanged for 20 sample balls. ‘Shopping’ was so much fun!

I tried to pick up colours that I wouldn’t normally use, and I got to try out some yarns that I’ve been curious about but haven’t been able to justify buying.
Rowan Kid Classic for example. I’ve eyed it a lot, but now I have a tiny ball in a lovely forest green to try out and see how I like it knit up. Rowan Cocoon I stroke every time in the shop, and I have a voucher for This is Knit waiting to be spent on some to make an Owls Sweater. However, I’m only buying the yarn once I’m ready to cast on, so now I have some to try out first and pet at home. Mirasol Qina is a new bamboo/alpaca blend, which is beautiful and soft and just adorable, and now I’ve knit with it I’m totally in love.

I also picked up some Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon, which isn’t something I thought I’d ever pick up or buy, but last night was all about sampling new things, so I picked a bit up to try out. More on that in a while.

Here’s my haul:

As well as the yarn samples there were sample knits from new pattern books to try on. And I fell in love:

Imagine it without the cords and black t-shirt underneath, and perhaps with an inch or two more length in the waist…
It’s from the new Louisa Harding collection called Little Cake, and it’s knit in her new Thistle yarn, which memory tells me is a wool and alpaca blend, but I could be wrong about. It was certainly warm!
(Looking at the photo there the cable twists seem to be sitting nicely on my boobs. Would have to fix that.)

After the yarn tasting we retired to a hotel bar where I had a very fancy ginger tea:

This is where the sari ribbon comes in.
Two of our lovely hostesses were with us, and knit stripes of the sari ribbon into some swatches, and all of a sudden I can see how it could be used.

Here we see the sari ribbon sample relaxing in the company of a butterfly pin and some kid silk haze.

This was Kneehigh’s sample, and I love it, because it shows the different effects that could be had: my favourite is for the bottom stripe, which is just knit normally. In the middle the texture of the ribbon itself was used to knit through, and at the top a crochet stripe was added in. While I probably wouldn’t knit a whole garment out of it, I really like it for a bit of a shimmery accent.

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A Holiday in Pictures

Posted by on Aug 10 2009 | Travel

This year we spent our summer holiday in the South of England, spending a couple of days driving down to where I grew up, and visiting lots of touristy things while we were there.

The Circle, Bath

Roman Baths, Bath


The Long Man of Wilmington

HMS Victory

For some reason I managed not to take photos of a lot of what we did – we spent a day up in London at the V&A and just wandering around, but I didn’t take any photos, and a day in Brighton, a night in Swanage, and an afternoon in Arundel, all undocumented. However, all will be much repeated, I don’t get tired of any of them. If you visit Brighton do pop in to the Pavilion – despite living just down the road I’d never been inside before, and it’s really something to see.

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Lovely Surprises

Posted by on Aug 09 2009 | Swaps and Exchanges

One of the downsides of not blogging so much is that I’ve become a bit disconnected from friends and a bit more hermit like and anti-social. It’s a fault of mine, that I try to keep an eye on. I think I could be quite happy living in a cottage by a beach on an isolated island, even though I like having all the conveniences that come with city life.

This week I received a lovely surprise in the post. I came home one day to a missed delivery notice, and went to the post office to collect what I thought was my new copy of Vintage Baby Knits – in fact that arrived the next day, and is OMG full of the cutest baby patterns, and is just a beautiful book to own.

Anyway, instead the man in the post office handed me a big green padded envelope that arrived as a surprise package full of lovely things from Sweden – thanks to Catrin, a lovely internet knitting friend. A while ago Catrin had been looking for some Irish loose tea, and I’d sent some on, not expecting anything in return. It was a lovely surprise and really brightened my day.


There’s some lovely tea, a recipe book that includes the recipe for the delicious cinnamon buns that we became a bit addicted to in Finland and Sweden when we were there, a book, sweets, and a beautiful skein of yarn, that I’d been admiring on Catrin’s blog when she got it, but I had no idea was intended for me. I’m hurrying to finish the socks I’m working on at the moment so I can start on another pair with this yarn. It’s really soft and I adore the colours.

Thank you Catrin!

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Posted by on Aug 09 2009 | General Ramblings


Hi there.

It’s, erm, been a while.

I’ve found that in the last few months I’ve been more of a consumer of the internet, and less of a participant. I think Twitter may have broken me, and any input requiring more than 140 characters is too much.

Sorry about that.

I’m working on it…

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