Feminist Knitter’s Swap

Hello. I am still alive. I’ve just been off working lots and having lots of fun and not really getting around to blogging.

One of the many reasons this is bad is that I’ve neglected to post about a fabulous swap package I got. I’m a member of the “This is what a feminist knits like” group on Ravelry, and we had a swap. My awesome swap partner was Sarah from String Theory, and her gifts arrived in the middle of a crazy busy week and really brightened things up for me.

Look at all this!

So many lovely things.
Lovely tasty teas, chocolate covered espresso beans, reeses peanut butter cups which are oh-my-goodness so delicious, loads of sugar and cream yarn which I just love in great bright colours, some cute bird buttons…

A lovely soft cotton washcloth with cinnamon soap (mmmm), and some lip balm.

And last, but definitely not least:

A feminist teacosy, which is so thoughtful and awesome on so many levels.
The picture makes it hard to make out, but it’s knit in Green, White and Violet (for Give Women Votes). It fits both my main teapots perfectly (the other one is a bit taller and skinnier and it works great on that one too). It’s so well made – I’m not up to manipulating three colours like that, and I’m a bit in awe. It’s been well used since it arrived and I love it lots and lots.

I really enjoyed swapping with Sarah – she’s a great person and I really appreciate the time and thought that went into everything she sent me.