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Mmmm, Breakfast Martini

Posted by on Feb 21 2009 | General Ramblings

Gin, cointreau, oj and honey, with toast on the side.

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Cosmopolitan Edinburgh

Posted by on Feb 20 2009 | General Ramblings

Nom nom nom

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Tiny things

Posted by on Feb 09 2009 | Crafty things

I’m a bit taken with knitting tiny things at the moment. The Girasole shawl has taken a backseat, because (a) I’m only about 1/3 of the way through, judging by the amount of yarn I have left, and (b) I’m realising that lace shawls are really impractical and stupid for babies, so I need to make things that are more useful instead. I am loving making the shawl though, so I will carry on, and possibly dye it when it’s done and keep it for myself.

Anyway, tiny things. They’re quick and cute and fun.

A baby beanie

Mini mittens

And finally…

A cake hat.

Because really, who could resist?

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Too many things to knit!

Posted by on Feb 07 2009 | General Ramblings

I don’t know if my mojo has returned or not, but my desire to knit certainly has. Baby things. There are too many I want to make.
I made mittens last night, and those are drying at the moment.
I’d planned on calling into This is Knit before knitting group, but the bus took forever and I didn’t have a chance. Despite my stash I don’t have the right yarn for the hat I absolutely have to make right now.
So, I had to make do with the projects I had with me: baby socks and a burp cloth. Burp cloths seem useful, and I have plenty of cotton and chenille to use, so I hope to churn out a few of them.
Anyway, I had plenty to keep of occupied while chatting with friends old and new at the knitting group- a fine way to spend a Saturday.

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Missing Mojo

Posted by on Feb 01 2009 | Crafty things

Some of you might know that this is Mojo. (He’s not mine, despite attempts to steal him, and I can in no way be blamed for the pirate outfit he’s sporting in the picture)


He’s not missing.  Just to be clear.

The mojo that is missing is my knitting mojo. Last week I just wasn’t feeling it. I managed to knit about 10 inches of i-cord. And mess up the decreases at the top of a baby hat. A plain, simple, easy-as-pie (mmmm, pie) baby hat.

A while ago Yvonne and I worked out that there’s only so much knitting mojo to go around. Clearly someone has stolen mine for a while (and I’m keeping a close eye on you, Wyvernfriend!), or I’ve carelessly left it somewhere.

Now, there’s only one thing to do when mojo has gone missing: Knit something really really boring easy.

I present a 1×1 rib scarf:

The grey stripes will be at either end – now it’s just lots and lots of ribbing, in plain very-dark-brown. The yarn’s lovely though – Artesano Aran. Plus it’s good pub knitting, as I don’t need to think about it at all.


Yesterday a few of us went on a little outing to a closing down weavers in Drogheda. There were some yarns there, but mainly fine wools on cones, and until I knit down some of my Avoca sale stash I’m not buying any more like that. I did buy 200g of a purple/green aran weight wool, but it only cost €1, so it was practically free, and it would have been wrong to leave it there.

What I did buy though, was buttons. 115 to be precise. I’m working on my button collection and they were hard to resist. I love buttons.



Today I haven’t knit yet. This has nothing to do with the fact that I have another baby kimono to seam before I start knitting again. Nothing at all to do with that.

Instead, I’ve been making stitch markers, because all of mine are in projects on the needles have mysteriously disappeared. I’ve just been using up random beads I had in my collection, not making anything special.

Stitch Markers

Much more fun than seaming.

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