The trouble with stripes…

It’s been a while since there was any actual knitting content on the blog. There has been knitting, but sadly none today.

Today was the day that I caught up with some finishing. I have a small collection of projects that are waiting for their future owners to be born, and most of these projects needed/need finishing. Little things – ends sewn in, seams done, fastenings attached and washing. I’m quite happy churning out the knitting, not so good at the finishing.

So, today I got to grips with it a bit.

Taking a tip from Glenda (who incidentally sent me a lovely treat a few weeks back that will soon be blogged), I’m not going to post all the project details up – you can find them on my Ravelry projects page if you’re a knitter. If you’re not a knitter, you’re probably not interested in the needle size and fibre content.

Finished, I present:

Ruffle Rib Baby Socks

Bluebell Baby Hat

Lilac Baby Hat

Almost finished:

Lilac Baby Kimono – needs i-cord ties and blocking

February Baby Sweater – needs buttons and blocking

Baby Surprise Jacket – needs buttons and blocking.

I finished knitting the baby surprise jacket on 25th August ’08. It’s taken me exactly 6 months to sit down and sew in all the ends and seam it up. Ah well.

Still to finish:

Teal Baby Kimono – the knitting’s actually all done on this now, but I can’t face any more seaming today.

All in all a productive day, but one I would have preferred to spend working on Girasole.

It’s coming along nicely, but not as quickly as it should be. An hour or so working on it today would have been lovely.