Some observations…

Getting back into a routine after the summer is tough, but good.

I’ve probably said this before, but I hate the gym. It’s boring. Swimming and a session in the steam room I can handle, even enjoy, especially when I have both to myself like the other day. The main gym bit though: Boring. Listening to knitting podcasts on the cross trainer just made me want to go home and knit. Running to Father Ted entertained me a little (and I’m convinced Mrs Doyle was wearing an Elizabeth Zimmerman prime rib hat), but really, it’s dull. Trouble is that it rains all the time here, and it’s dark when I’m home, so running outside isn’t a regular option, and. Oh, sod it, I just hate exercising. I do it, and I kind of like the feeling when I have done it, but I don’t enjoy actually doing it. Takes the whole bleeding evening up too – it was 10 when I got home from the gym, now I’ve had cheese on toast for dinner which kind of makes going to the gym a bit counterproductive, checked my emails, and it’s almost bedtime, with no knitting done, no housework done, no relaxing done, and most importantly: no tea.

To all the media people expressing surprise that during the credit crunch recession people are still buying €7000 rolexes, designer handbags, and pieces of art that Damien Hirst thought up but didn’t actually make: These people are rich. Recessions don’t affect them in the same way as normal people. You’re just rubbing it in. Please stop.

I have to rip back a sleeve on a baby cardigan due to a really stupid mistake. I don’t want to, but I’m going to.

My hemlock ring blanket is finished and is almost dry. Pictures etc coming soon.