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Ooops! (Some housekeeping)

Posted by on Jul 31 2008 | General Ramblings

1. I am a bad sister. I neglected to mention that my wonderful cupcake teapot was a very thoughtful gift from my brother M. Thanks!

2. I found the Tayberries at a local farmers market – I think that Loganberries or Raspberries would swap in to the crumble very easily. Also, regarding the amount of sugar in the crumble: I found the fruit just right – sweet but tart. However a second opinion is that it’s very sweet. I think I have a high sugar tolerance :-)

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Go read this:

Posted by on Jul 29 2008 | General Ramblings

What he said. (about what he said about what she said)

(Saves me writing pretty much the same thing in a post)

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Rhubarb, Red Gooseberry and Tayberry Crumble

Posted by on Jul 27 2008 | Delicious Things

300g rhubarb, washed and chopped into 1 inch pieces
360g red gooseberries, topped and tailed, washed and dried
140g tayberries
75g unrefined caster sugar

Heat gently until rhubarb is softened and starts to break up.

50g unrefined caster sugar
50g brown sugar
150g wholemeal flour
75g butter
half teaspoon ground ginger
half teaspoon ground cinnamon

Rub together until it looks like breadcrumbs.
Mix in:
40g oats
30g chopped hazelnuts

Put filling and topping in dish and cook at 220C for 20 mins.
Serve warm with cold natural yoghurt.

Tastes like summer.

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Chocolate raspberry pavlova

Posted by on Jul 25 2008 | General Ramblings

Despite my love of chocolate I’d always resisted chocolate pavlovas. Pavlova is one of my favourite desserts, and messing with it seemed unnecessary.
And now… I maintain that position. This was tasty enough, but nothing wonderful.

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The most awesome teapot in the world

Posted by on Jul 24 2008 | General Ramblings

Is this not the coolest thing ever?

You’re all jealous, I know.

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