Week of KitKats: Monday – Brown Sugar KitKat?

The first of the KitKats that accompanied Luke from La Fuji Mama. Now, I don’t speak any Japanese. I can manage a few spoken words – thank you and sorry are pretty much it – from my holiday there a few years ago, but written, no chance.

So. I’m going by the pictures on the wrapper.

And the inside of the KitKat:

The inside is no help. It looks like a regular KitKat. Back to the picture on the wrapper then. It looks like big lumps of dark brown sugar.

And that’s just what it tastes like. Really, really like a big mouthful of dark brown sugar.

It’s not unpleasant, well, not to someone who loves sugar as much as I do. I’m not sure I could manage more than a mini one though. I also have to marvel at the imagination that created it. “What this sugary chocolate-wafer confection really needs is the flavour of sugar!”

Verdict: 6/10. Tasty, but a little too sweet.