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Last day in my twenties

Posted by on May 25 2008 | General Ramblings

Today is the last day in my twenties. Tomorrow I will be 30, and on the whole I’ve been ok with that, aside from a brief shock on Friday when I opened a card to face the number in big glittery writing.

Anyway, today was the day of my celebrations, and I managed to take no photographs! – I am in one, but so are other people and I’m not posting it here.

We spent the afternoon at Avondale House, for a walk through the woods and alongside the river followed by a lovely picnic with great friends.

There was much cake! Lemon drizzle cake, vegan chocolate cupcakes, home-made oreos, chocolate brownies, and chocolate indulgence cake. Mmmmmm… cake.

Unfortunately the downside of living in the lovely green country that is Ireland is that it rains. Often. And we were rained out. We had a lovely day before that though – heaps of fun, and I got to meet the adorable Rohan, who is very, very cute indeed.

(There were also presents – thanks a million guys!)

All in all, a lovely way to round off my twenties. Right then thirties, I’m ready for you!

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Clothes are the wrong shape

Posted by on May 24 2008 | General Ramblings

Last weekend, for a brief while, I would have said that I was the wrong shape, but that’s not correct, of course. I’m me, and I’m me shaped. How can that be wrong?

I’ve been dress shopping. Well, on my weekend day last week, anyway. (What? Weekends are two days long? I don’t believe you, sorry.)

There are no dresses that fit me, period. Ok, actually, that’s a tiny lie. There is one dress in the whole of Dublin that fits me, and one skirt and top combo. Trouble is, the dress isn’t right for the occasion and the skirt/top combo isn’t very nice.

I came home from the shops and measured myself, using size guides from the websites of two major retailers. According to the size guides, I am a 10-12 bottom and 8-10 top. (uk sizes). According to the clothes I tried on I’m an 8-10 bottom and an odd shape that doesn’t fit into any tops because my shoulders are too short and my boobs too small.

The thing is, I’m not a weird shape. I’m not tiny, I’m not big. I’m average looking. Perfectly normal.

I don’t understand what clothing sizes are doing. Is it to make people feel that they are smaller than they actually are? Is it just that I’m shaped differently to everyone else? Is it that all women with small boobs wear super padding? I suspect the first and last.

I think I need to start a campaign to make jeans and a black t-shirt acceptable wear on all occasions.

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Finished Cardigan!

Posted by on May 13 2008 | Crafty things

Wow – thank you for all the lovely comments about the sweater!

I have another finished garment hot on its (it’s? its?) heels. This was almost done when I started the sweater class, and was set aside with just a sleeve to finish.

One finished not so mini mini sweater!

The pattern is the Mini-sweater/boobholder by Stephanie Japel. I sort of followed the pattern, but knit on down on the sleeves and body, decreasing when it felt right and ending with a few rows of garter stitch.

I used 5mm Addi turbos, and the yarn is a 100% wool scottish tweed that came from the Avoca sale last year (thanks Sara and Cheryl!). I’ve used about half the cone, so I reckon I spend about €6 on the yarn. Bargain!

The sleeves are possibly a little too puffy, and I need to get a good button for it, but all in all I can’t wait for the winter!

Of course, now I’ve finished the two items I was making myself finish before I cast on for the hemlock ring blanket I have no interest in starting it at all. In fact, I may even carry on finishing off other items that are on the needles.

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Finished Boyfriend Sweater

Posted by on May 09 2008 | Crafty things

Over the weekend I finished the navy sweater, my first fully completed proper adult sized garment.

I have to say I’m very proud of myself.

I love how it looks from the front:

I’m not quite so mad on the back – I’m not convinced I did it right, but maybe I did. Next time I’ll try the shirt yoke variation. I do like that it looks a little bit different from anything shop bought. In a good way.

So, the details:
Seamless Hybrid by Elizabeth Zimmerman, from Knitting Without Tears
Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Blue Ink, 13 balls. Lovely woolly wool this.
4mm needles: Knit Picks metal options and then a shorter harmony wood circular for the neck.
Mods: messed with the percentages a bit to knit it to fit properly.

Big thanks have to go to Aileen, for holding my hand and helping me through during her sweater design classes.

Unfortunately I don’t see the sweater getting much wear at all for a while – It’s really warm, and summer is approaching. Sort of. It’s warm anyway. You know, for Ireland.

Now, I have half a cardigan sleeve to finish and then I can cast on for new and exciting projects!

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All done

Posted by on May 06 2008 | General Ramblings

Right, thanks to some work from my IT Guru, the new design is up and sorted out.

I’ve tidied up the categories a bit, tweaked a couple of things, and made the archives make more sense.

It’s now a lot easier to change the header image, so I can do that more often.

I still need to go into some old posts that have formatting issues and sort those out, but that’s hardly an urgent job.

To come: a lovely long weekend, films, and a finished sweater.

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