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A Promise

Posted by on Apr 30 2008 | General Ramblings

I, Teaandcakes, do solemnly swear that I will complete the Navy Boyfriend Sweater and my Turquoise Cardigan before I cast on for the Hemlock Ring Blanket in the purple Kilcarra yarn.

I accept that I really, really want to do so, and that it is ok to want to. However, I must recognise that the number of almost-completed projects sitting in my knitting basket is getting ridiculous, and that some of these need to be dealt with.

The Navy Boyfriend Sweater really just needs to be cast off, have the underarms grafted closed, and be washed. This is an evening’s work, and it will be very satisfying to see. It doesn’t matter that the weather is getting warmer and there’s really no need to get it finished as it won’t get much wear for many months, or that really it’s pretty much finished anyway so I could just cast on for the Hemlock Ring. There is only a little more to go and finishing it is better than leaving it sitting.

The Turquoise Cardigan just needs one sleeve. Knit from the top down. There’s not even any grafting, and barely any ends to weave in. One sleeve! It’s also in a tweedy yarn, so I can close my eyes and pretend that it’s the purple Kilcarra yarn that I so dearly want to work with.

Casting on for the Hemlock Ring Blanket is an excellent reward for completing two proper garments. It will be worth it.*

Signed, Teaandcakes

*Plus, I also have Cozy on the needles as my portable knitting, so it’s not like I’m lace-deprived.

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Weekend in Belfast

Posted by on Apr 28 2008 | Crafty things, Travel

As you may have gathered from my previous posts, I was up in Belfast this weekend. It was for Sara’s hen party, and little miss smarts here forgot that the location was supposed to be a secret, and posted here on the blog about it for Sara to see. And I think I probably let it slip before then too. Well done, me.

I went up on Friday afternoon by myself, and had a relaxing evening wandering around the city before a swim and an early night at the hotel, which was just what I needed after a long couple of weeks.

I’m still not completely sure what I think of Belfast – it was strange seeing Dunnes Stores right next to BHS, and O’Briens Sandwich Bar right by the City Hall with the statue of Queen Victoria in front of it.

Saturday morning I did much the same – a wander and then a sit for a nice pot of tea in the Linenhall Library. I forgot to document it, but my teapot totally looked like it was the sort to spill tea all over the table, but turned out to be a perfect pourer.

At lunchtime I met up with Diane and then the rest of the group, and we headed out for a delicious lunch, then back to the hotel, off to the Belfast Wheel,

and then on for cocktails, a delicious dinner, and then the rest of the night!

Sunday we went out for breakfast and a quick spot of shopping before heading back down to Dublin.

Sara’s sisters did a wonderful job of organising everything, and it was a lovely weekend.


Side note about knitting:

I picked up the boyfriend sweater again to find that I really don’t have that much more to do, so I’ve been working on it over the last couple of nights. It’s dark here, and it’s not easy to photograph anyway, so you’ll have to take my word for it that it’s looking great, fits well so far, and doesn’t have too much further to go. (The neck looks a bit small here but that’s only because the stitches are all bunched up on a 40cm needle.)

In Belfast I also cast on for Cozy from Knitty in a 4 ply cashmere yarn. I wanted a soft, light, warm wrap that I could use as a sort of small blanket on aeroplanes and also squish up around my neck as a scarf, and I think this is going to do just the job, although it’s hard to tell at the moment:


Now, after a weekend away, preceded by a full weekend of work, 3 weekends of guests, and a different weekend away, I’m quite looking forward to spending the bank holiday weekend at home. Although maybe there are some last minute deals out there…

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Above the city

Posted by on Apr 26 2008 | General Ramblings

Blogging from the top of the Belfast wheel. City hall below.

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Important news from the north

Posted by on Apr 25 2008 | General Ramblings

Tayto’s look different!
Also, the police have guns.
It’s nice here though. I haven’t really explored, just taken a bit of a wander, had a swim at the hotel, and now I’m enjoying an early night. I need one.

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Docklands Station

Posted by on Apr 25 2008 | General Ramblings

This is the lovely new Docklands Station in the city. It’s very nice. All clean looking. It’s not where I meant to end up though. I was meant to end up in Connolly, the bigger station that the train to Belfast leaves from, and the station that 90% of the trains that go from my nearest station go to.
So, I had an unplanned walk to get on the train. Not the end of the world really.
Being cunning, I’d reserved my seat. Someone was sitting in it though.
Grrrr again.
Assertive hat on, I politely explained that he was in my seat. Then I kind of ruined the assertiveness thing by apologising and saying that I really liked window seats.
That sorted out a gentleman has sat beside me who kinda smells.
Good thing I love train journeys!

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