You know you’ve let the blogging slide when your mum rings to ask why you’ve stopped posting. Sorry mum!

I’ve been lacking writing inspiration, and haven’t felt like posting just a ‘oh look what I made post’, except, now it’s been a while, so that’s exactly what I need to do. I think another small thing may be that I get to be creative at work now, which is awesome, but has affected my blogging somewhat. Ho hum.

So, some random points…

I have another pair of baby socks almost finished and these will be in the post soon, I hope.

Bread making is flying along. Strong flour. It’s all I needed. Haven’t bought bread since and I’m loving the loaves I’m making. Bread making seems to be all the rage at the moment: Of course DaviMack‘s been at it for a while, Bridget‘s been making potato and garlic bread, Roobeedoo‘s at it too, and Cheryl‘s been working magic with a borrowed breadmaker. The machine does use electricity, but it seems fairly economical. At knitting on Saturday we were talking about the machine lacking the connection that comes from kneading the dough, but it takes me less than 10 minutes to put the ingredients in the machine, and as someone who barely keeps up with the housework and who finds it a huge effort to cook dinner when I get in, well, the machine’s the only way I’m gonna get bread! (I will still make batches of pizza bases by hand though, as I like the recipe I use).

Back to the knitting, and the terrifying balaclava is almost finished.

Chatting about it in the pub, about how best to decorate it – with the suggested skull mouth thing or with a big curly moustache – Linus suggested putting eyes on 2 sides to give two different options – it’s too late this time, and it would only work with one like this that’s destined to sit underneath a snowboarding helmet, but I loved the idea.

So, aside from a brief obsession with the Ravelry forums, which I’ve reined in to a passing interest, a few long work days, and lots of reading in the bath, what have I been up to?

Well, I’ve finished Kavalier and Clay

This was a wonderful, wonderful read. I was totally absorbed, I bought into the characters, and I was at once sad to finish and happy to leave them to the rest of their lives.

On Sunday we went to see No Country For Old Men, which was one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time.

Now, I leave you with some advice. Say you’ve just finished the pot of coffee, and want to make more, so need to fill the hot glass pot up with cold water to refill the filer machine thingy. With me so far? Now, you don’t want to put cold water in to the hot glass pot, because that might make it break, and you don’t want that. See. I know that. I’m smart.
Anyway, should you find yourself in this situation, I don’t recommend placing your palm flat against the bottom of the pot to gauge how hot it is.
Yep, I’m smart, me.