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Posted by on Sep 29 2007 | Crafty things

I have been knitting too, bits and pieces here and there.

My not so mini minisweater is coming along nicely – I’m pretty much done with the pattern, and I’m just knitting down for the body now. Sleeves to go too of course.

The baby blanket has stalled a bit in favour or faster knits, but it’s still pleasing to look at anyway:

And, I started a hat on request – something I’ve wanted to knit for a while anyway, so am delighted to be making.

I got this far:

Then I realised my gauge was off and turned it in to this:


The monkey socks are on hold at the moment – I’m still enjoying them, but other things are holding my attention more, so they may not be finished for a while. That’s ok though, I can live with that.

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An evening in the city

Posted by on Sep 29 2007 | General Ramblings

Last night after work I headed East, into the city centre, instead of North, to home. I drove: as yet I haven’t found a method of public transport that takes less than 90 minutes, compared to a 30 minute drive, so driving it is.

On my way I passed:

– A vomit pink stretch limo. Because nothing says class like that. Except perhaps a hummer limo. Those are around too. Perhaps a vomit pink hummer limo?

– A group of kids waiting by a bus stop. A person walked by them and as she did so knocked a traffic cone into the road and ignored it, carrying on walking. The kids waited until she’d gone, and then picked it up and put it back where it should be.

I drove through the suburbs I used to live in, past the best Indian take away in the city, past the coffee shop the Tuesday night knitting group meets at, over the canal that I’ve walked down many times, up past bars where I’ve seen some awesome gigs, through the small detour that only locals know to beat the no right turns and one way system. It felt like my city.

I stopped for a delicious pancake in Lemon – my usual veggie powercrepe plus: spinach and black pepper and garlic mushrooms and creme fraiche and cheese, before heading on to pub number one to meet friends.

Then I was on the move again, heading North. Through Temple Bar, dodging the kids and the hen parties, over the Liffey on the millenium bridge with the great view of the H’appeny bridge all lit up for the night. Through the Italian quarter, cafe bars packed, people sitting outside with tiny strong coffees and woolly hats on. Past the soulless shopping centre, and into pub number two, a converted 18th century church.

Later then, retracing my steps back to pub number one. It’s dark, but the warmth in the air offsets the slight edge that comes to the city at night.  I skirt the groups of tipsy revellers, give directions to a drunk student, and hit the river again. It’s high, and still, and reflects the bridges that cross it. I pause, and take in the city. It’s beautiful.

I remember this as I drive home, slowly at first, drunk people throwing themselves in front of my car in the hope that I might be a taxi; stuck in traffic at 1am because a taxi has broken down and is being collected in the middle of the road rather than at the side. I pull over to let a Garda car fly by, then an ambulance.

Then home, and thoughts of tea, and a bowl of warm apple crumble. But I’m too tired, so instead I curl up in my bed and fall fast asleep…

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Stash Flashing

Posted by on Sep 23 2007 | Crafty things

So, last week at knitting group we were discussing stash, and how some of us may possibly have enough yarn. This is of course until Laura arrived with the news that Kidsilk Haze was on sale at the woollen mills (“It’s practically free”) and everyone started planning to head there after the group. I’m immune to the appeal of kid silk haze as silk (except for tussah silk) isn’t vegetarian, so I was spared that particular peer pressure. Anyway, the discussion moved on to how our non-knitting living companions seem to feel that we have an unreasonable amount of wool, so I suggested a Dublin Knitters flash-your-stash, to show that actually we’re all the same. Now that the draw for more yarn that Diane was offering has been finished I can safely post mine knowing I won’t be adding to it.

The stash-flashing has thrown up a few things.
Firstly, when I came home and mentioned it the response I got was that “Oh, I believe you all have huge amounts of wool. It’s like some collective delusion about how much you need.” Ok, so this wouldn’t help me then.

Secondly, a few people have been a bit shy about posting theirs, as it might be a bit overwhelming. Interestingly, this has been accompanied by the defence that actually they only have lots of odd balls of things left over from projects so it’s not like they really have any at all. Yes. Right. I won’t name and shame, you know who you are.

Thirdly, a few people have flashed theirs and, well, you guys need to buy more yarn.

I wasn’t brave enough to empty out my boxes, especially as I did it all fairly recently for Ravelry. However, I have collected most of it in to one place, so here you go:

The other side of the wardrobe has my fabric and sewing machine and a few other bits and pieces in.

For more detail, some of which has now been used up or given away, you can see my flickr set.

It’s not tooooo bad, but the cones of laceweight don’t help. I do have enough for several sweaters. That’s enough yarn in general, not enough laceweight. I do have enough laceweight to make several sweaters, but seriously, sweaters from laceweight yarn? No chance.

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Posted by on Sep 14 2007 | Crafty things

What do you make for a gamer sort-of-geek friend who’s just moved into his brand new own apartment?

Yep, pacman dishcloths.*

Congratulations on the apartment dude, it’s lovely.

*Pacman not shown. My phone doesn’t want to share the picture with you all. I’ll get a picture from Linus sometime soon. And yes, I’ll type the pattern up over the weekend.

New update: Pattern is up and in the links on the right hand side. Any problems with it give me a shout.

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Knit Picks

Posted by on Sep 10 2007 | Crafty things

About a month ago I managed to pay off my credit card completely for the first time in a long while. I’d used it to pay for my masters, so I hadn’t been feeling guilty about it, but it’s a nice feeling to have it paid off and back under control. Anyway, what’s the thing to do when a credit card is sitting there nice and empty?

Yep, you know. Buy stuff.

My car helped out at this stage by having a problem with the exhaust, but despite its valiant efforts I decided that I was still allowed to spend some money on something that I wanted.

Now, this time coincided with Cheryl’s trip back to the US for the summer. There’s a certain yarn company over there that doesn’t ship to Ireland, and Cheryl very kindly offered to accept a small delivery for me and bring it back with her. I really meant to stick to small, honestly, but, well, the yarn is such good value too, and, ok, I totally took advantage of a friend’s kind offer, in a way that was very, very cheeky, and I really am incredibly grateful to Cheryl for hoofing all this stuff back for me. Seriously. I owe Cheryl one big favour.

So, what did I get?

Enough navy blue wool of the andes yarn for a man sized sweater. I’m thinking an Elizabeth Zimmerman seamless hybrid.

Telemark yarn for a fair isle sweater for me. The main colour is the deep red at the back. I’m going to make the Equinox yoke from last year’s Interweave. (fall or winter, I forget which)


The options interchangeable needle set.

This is what I really wanted. Since I bought it you can buy it outside of the US, but Knit Picks have decided that Ireland should be served by the UK stockists, which is a bit unfair really, as buying things in sterling when we live in the eurozone isn’t really much fun.

Anyhow, I’m in love with this. I love the folder, I love the needles, I love how the cables are purple, I love how I now have a gazillion sizes of needles. It’s just great.

Thank you Cheryl for playing courier.

And now, in combination with my French purchases, I think that I may have reached the point where I have enough yarn. Yes, you read right.

I. have. enough. yarn.

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