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Les alignements de Carnac

Posted by on Aug 29 2007 | General Ramblings

Les alignements de Carnac
Today has been a day of megaliths. Standing stones, tumulus, and dolmen dot the landscape here, with the large fields of Menhirs just down the road from the campsite. An interesting day exploring.

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AAAIIEE Stupid vowels.

Posted by on Aug 28 2007 | General Ramblings

Stupid vowels.

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Jaywalkers! C’est tres joli!

Posted by on Aug 24 2007 | General Ramblings

Jaywalkers! C’est tres joli!

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Postcards, cafe au lait, and an almost finished Jaywalker

Posted by on Aug 23 2007 | General Ramblings

Postcards, cafe au lait, and an almost finished Jaywalker. A lovely day exploring in the sun. Not pictured: delicious crepe. It didn’t last long enough to be a part of the tableau.

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Je suis in France

Posted by on Aug 22 2007 | General Ramblings

Je suis in France

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