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A nice cup of tea and a sit down

Posted by on Jun 29 2007 | General Ramblings

Black tea with soya milk in my cheerful rainbow mug

Today started badly. Well, it could have been worse, it was just crappy I suppose, rather than awful.
My office was broken into last night – kids looking for cash or valuables, which they didn’t find as it’s happened before so I don’t leave anything valuable in there. Glass, the rock they used to smash the window, and my papers and stuff everywhere though. Plus a bag I was fond of gone, I think because it had markers in, as I can’t imagine a bright pink bag with flowers on would be particularly appealing to many people. An annoyance rather than a big deal, I’m hardly short of bags, or the means to make more. Cleaning up is miserable though, and, well, it’s just a pain in the ass really. I threw away my work teas as they’d been thrown on the floor, still in the boxes, but I just didn’t want them any more. I hate wasting good tea.

Then I was changing a tyre on a co-worker’s car and got a huge big smear of dirt all over my lilac t-shirt. Yep. Lilac. This is why I usually wear black. It’s a t-shirt I don’t really mind getting dirty, and it’ll wash out fine, and it was ok weather to be wearing my sweater without a t-shirt underneath, but, well, it put me in bad humour for the rest of the day.

So, driving home I listened to Lime n Violet, and realised that my world view is a little, erm, off. They were discussing the names of some fibre/yarn, and how they were all named after heroin. Hmm, I thought, ok, a bit unusual, but, well, ok. Skag? Gear? Smack?


Heroines – Joan of Arc etc. Ahhhh. I see.

Anyhow, it’s amazing how much better a cup of tea, a sit down, and watching a large man try to get into a balloon (don’t ask, it’s on you tube) can make me feel. I might even cast on something new.

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Another mobile phone sock

Posted by on Jun 28 2007 | General Ramblings

Cup of tea, chocolate, and some more mindless knitting: another mobile phone sock. Round and round and round.

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Mobile phone sock

Posted by on Jun 27 2007 | Crafty things, General Ramblings

Mobile phone sock, knocked up today on request from a friend, using left over Lana Grossa sock yarn and 2.25mm dpns. Cast on 40 stitches. Work some ribbing and then knit until it’s long enough.

My blogging, commenting and emailing has slowed down a little – this is, I think, going to be the pattern for the summer. Work wise the summer means out and about the whole time, so no internet access – lots of fun, but really tiring too. Occasional knitting time though, which is a bonus.

My aim over the next few weeks is to get back into writing some Flickr Fiction again – it’s been about 6 months since I last wrote anything, and, well, the point of Flickr Fiction is to practise, and practise is only useful if you actually do it. Now the group has a nice new ning site, so pop over there if you’d like to read what everyone else has been up to. I’m going to try to get some of my favourite old pieces up there too over the next few weeks.

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Round Dishcloth

Posted by on Jun 23 2007 | Crafty things

As I just received a lovely pile of Sugar’n Cream from Kathy, I absolutely had to cast on for a dishcloth right away. Kristen’s made, erm, quite a few (I love Ravelry) round dishcloths, and they look very pretty, so that’s where I started.

I used this great pattern, my wonderful new Brittany 4.5mm needles, and the purple and green yarn that demanded to be cast on from the moment I saw it.

This is how far I got before I decided it was going to be too big:

So, I turned it into this:

Which was absolutely no problem whatsoever as this yarn is lovely to work with, the needles are a dream, and the pattern is easy to remember, totally addictive, and looks fancy even though it’s simple, so I cast on again with 17 stitches instead of 21 and in no time at all I had a finished cloth. Lovely.

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Knitter’s Tea Swap

Posted by on Jun 22 2007 | Swaps and Exchanges

Blimey! I’ve been totally treated!

Look what Kathy from Sit, Knit and Be Happy sent to me:

Do you see all that Sugar and Cream? Isn’t it wonderful! It’s so, so, so much better than anything similar I’ve had here – I’ve been knitting with some of it already (I just couldn’t help myself) and it’s great to knit with too – really sturdy, but soft and squishy too.

There’s also some Trekking Pro Natura, a wool and bamboo sock yarn which is in beautiful shades of blue and grey and is really smooth and I can’t wait to knit with it. Plus (I know! there’s more yarn!) some soft merino wool (from near to Kathy?) in a lovely blue. I have a few ideas up my sleeve for this.

Now, the delicious things – 3 teas! A tropical rooibus that I meant to have for my elevenses today but I didn’t get to have any (long story, bizarre but dull), some Bengal Spice which I already know that I love, and some cammomile and lavender too! Plus (again, there’s more!) Chocolate chip cookies and Cinnamon Grahams from Trader Joes. Mmmmmm. And local lavender honey. And chocolate from Paris. Wow.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, there were also some scrabble tile stitch markers which are way geeky and cool (I love scrabble), Brittany Birch needles and Surina sock dpns. I’m blown away.

I feel really guilty at the moment too, as Kathy’s package from me is sat right here next to me. All wrapped up and almost ready to go. I’m waiting on one more thing, that I ordered from overseas, that really should have arrived by now, and I don’t want to send the package without it. I’ve had so much fun getting it all ready, and I really want to get it sent so that Kathy receives it soon! (Sorry for the delay Kathy)

I’ve had great fun being matched with Kathy – Suzie made a great match putting the two of us together.

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