A nice cup of tea and a sit down

Black tea with soya milk in my cheerful rainbow mug

Today started badly. Well, it could have been worse, it was just crappy I suppose, rather than awful.
My office was broken into last night – kids looking for cash or valuables, which they didn’t find as it’s happened before so I don’t leave anything valuable in there. Glass, the rock they used to smash the window, and my papers and stuff everywhere though. Plus a bag I was fond of gone, I think because it had markers in, as I can’t imagine a bright pink bag with flowers on would be particularly appealing to many people. An annoyance rather than a big deal, I’m hardly short of bags, or the means to make more. Cleaning up is miserable though, and, well, it’s just a pain in the ass really. I threw away my work teas as they’d been thrown on the floor, still in the boxes, but I just didn’t want them any more. I hate wasting good tea.

Then I was changing a tyre on a co-worker’s car and got a huge big smear of dirt all over my lilac t-shirt. Yep. Lilac. This is why I usually wear black. It’s a t-shirt I don’t really mind getting dirty, and it’ll wash out fine, and it was ok weather to be wearing my sweater without a t-shirt underneath, but, well, it put me in bad humour for the rest of the day.

So, driving home I listened to Lime n Violet, and realised that my world view is a little, erm, off. They were discussing the names of some fibre/yarn, and how they were all named after heroin. Hmm, I thought, ok, a bit unusual, but, well, ok. Skag? Gear? Smack?


Heroines – Joan of Arc etc. Ahhhh. I see.

Anyhow, it’s amazing how much better a cup of tea, a sit down, and watching a large man try to get into a balloon (don’t ask, it’s on you tube) can make me feel. I might even cast on something new.