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Out of practice commuter

Posted by on May 31 2007 | General Ramblings

So, a new train station opened up in the city centre. Not long ago. It means that more trains leave from my closest station, and I assumed that they went all the way into town, spurring off before the reached the city proper.

So, this morning I get to the station and a train pulls in. The front of the train lists the destination as the old city centre stop, and when I used to get the train regularly trains would often be late with no announcement. So, you know, I figured this train would go where I wanted. The announcements kept on saying ‘this train stops at all stations to x’ with x being the new station.

That’s ok I thought, they all in where I want.

Apparantly not.

Still, discovering this just in time to hop off at the station before, unappealing though that station is, is much better than realising as I fly by my stop.

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Blending In

Posted by on May 29 2007 | Crafty things, General Ramblings

I came home from work to a wonderful birthday package yesterday. Lots of lovely things from a fantastic person.

Included was this:

Which led to the discovery that I’ve forgotten how to read music, and also to much playing around and many memories of, well, lots of things really, but especially children’s tv. “As if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared.
I also couldn’t resist a little “Good morning campers” this morning, but lets sweep that one under the carpet.

Anyway, possibly the most fabulous thing was this knitting pattern:

Isn’t it great? It raises so many questions:
Which came first, the landscape or the sweater?
How is the tree line absolutely identical to the pattern?
Is it wise to blend in so well with the scenery in a ski resort?

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The Knitting Meme

Posted by on May 29 2007 | Crafty things

A knitting meme has been going around recently, and it looked interesting to me. It follows after the jump (as it’s a big long list of knitting things)
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World Wide Knit In Public Day

Posted by on May 27 2007 | General Ramblings

Hi to anyone who’s come here from the WWKIP day website. I had signed up to organise something, but the next couple of weeks are non-stop for me, so Lien kindly took over everything. I don’t think the WWKIPday website has been updated yet, and it’s down at the moment so I can’t get in to see.

Anyway, all the details of the day are over here on Lien’s blog. The day sounds great and should be heaps of fun.

If you’re looking for general information about knitting in Ireland, the place to check out is OlannBan, which has details of Irish knitting groups, shops and blogs.

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Things to do before I’m 30

Posted by on May 26 2007 | General Ramblings

Okey-dokey. I now officially have 365 days until I’m 30.

Yep. I’m 29 today. Old or young, depending on your perspective.

I’ve been spoiled rotten as usual. Thank you to my knitting friends – I’m sorry I couldn’t make it along in person last Saturday – you’re very kind and very generous and I love my gifts.

Off to spend the day with friends, an excellent way to spend a birthday.

Now. I think I’ve had a pretty amazing life so far. There’s a whole lot more of it to go that I’m looking forward to. Leaving aside any debates about how stupid countdown lists are and the that idea that there are timelines for some things is quite frankly ridiculous, what should I get done before I reach 30? Anything you like. bring it on.

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