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FO: Little Arrowhead Shawl

Posted by on Feb 28 2007 | Crafty things

Pattern: Little Arrowhead Shawl from Interweave Knits Summer 2006 “Sweet Somethings” staff projects (pattern is at the bottom of the page and is a pdf).

Yarn: Mountain Colors Mountain Goat (55% mohair, 45% wool) in the Mountain Twilight colourway. (Go look at it on their website, it’s really pretty colours)

Needles: 4.5mm Addi Turbo 100cm circulars. These were perhaps a little slippery – a few yarnovers tried to jump around, but they help me to knit loose, which is a good thing.

Pattern changes: Worked one less repeat of chart 1 as I didn’t think I’d have enough wool. I think I was right. I have some left, but I don’t think it would have been enough. The shawl is as big as I wanted it to be anyway – it’s about 40 inches wide and 20 long.

Notes: I used stitch markers to mark the selvedge stitches and the centre stitch, but not for the pattern repeats – as the shawl increases as you go the repeats shift a bit, and you’d need to keep adding more in which would get annoying. They were very useful where I had them though.

I loved knitting this, although I have absolutely no idea when I’ll get to wear it – as you can see here, it doesn’t really fit with my overall lack of style.

The next lace project will be a stole of some sort I think. Hmmmm, maybe I do need to buy Victorian Lace Today.

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Poor Neglected Sock

Posted by on Feb 27 2007 | Crafty things

Ahh, the sock. I’m at the heel flap, and have been there for over a week. Bad sock knitter. Bad.

I became obsessed with lace, and the sock simply wouldn’t cut it. The lace is finished now though, and before I cast on for another lace project I’m going to at least get the heel flap finished and the heel turned ready for more round and round stockingette. I’m deviating from the pattern very slightly to use a heel stitch on the heel flap, and it’s great – it’s a bit tighter to knit, but it’s producing a thicker, padded fabric which’ll hopefully extend the life of the socks a little.

The shawlette is blocking, pics will come when it’s good and dry.

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The Day of The Scone

Posted by on Feb 24 2007 | Delicious Things

I sort of follow rugby. Not as much as I used to, but I’ll still happily spend an afternoon up at the club when I’m back home, stood in the cold with a pint of warm beer, or sit down and watch an international of an afternoon on occasion.
Today was just such an occasion. England versus Ireland in Croke Park. Croke Park is the main Gaelic games stadium here in Dublin, and is being used for rugby and soccer (or ‘brit ball’, as I’ve heard them called) temporarily while Landsdowne Road is being refurbished. Understandably this has all been a bit controversial, with most of the current objections being about God Save the Queen being played (seriously, we need a new national anthem). God Save the Queen was already played at Croke Park during the special olympics, but it’s a much better story if that’s not mentioned.

Anyway, England-Ireland. It could have been a close one. England have been playing atrociously, but we have Jonny. Ireland have been doing better, but really shouldn’t have lost to France the other week.

The mood at the beginning was sombre and respectful, and, rugby fans being on the whole a civilised bunch, everything went off fine during the national anthems. We started well, Jonny scoring early. And then? Well, we don’t need to talk about that.

So, what’s an English girl living in Ireland to do on an occasion such as this?
Why, bake scones of course.
(All basic recipe from Delia Smith’s Book of Cakes)

First up, some cheese scones, with sun-dried tomato and mixed seeds:

Followed, naturally, by sweet fruit ones

To be served with jam and cream and large mugs of earl grey tea

There, that makes it all better.

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Posted by on Feb 23 2007 | Crafty things

This week’s delay in Flickr Fiction (which, believe it or not, is supposed to be here on a Friday) is brought to you by lace surgery.

I made a mistake.
I got to the end of the row and was a stitch short.
I counted, and counted again. Still a stitch short.

I unpicked for a while, and recounted. Unpicking “slip 2 as if to knit 2 together, knit 1 and pass 2 slipped stitches over” is tricky at first, but gets easier. Did I mention the mohair content in this yarn? Mmmm, fuzzy.

Eventually, and I really mean eventually, I worked out what was up. I’d missed a yarnover about 3/4 into the last pattern row, which was 2 rows back.

Right. My options were:
a) Unpick 2 rows, add in the yarnover and carry on.
b) Ignore it, increase a stitch so the pattern would work from here on in.
c) Drop the stitches down, add in a yarnover somehow, and pick them back up.

I went for c:

(I did briefly wonder about the wisdom of unpicking purple stitches while leaning over purple pyjama encased legs, but not for too long)

Option c involved a crochet hook, something I’m not particularly good at wrangling. Also, having some idea of how to add in a missing yarnover would have been helpful.

I twisted the crochet hook around a bit, possibly in the way that someone who doesn’t know how to crochet might if they were called to crochet in a film or play. I ended up with this:

There’s an extra stitch there, but the row below is wrapped around them both several times. Almost the opposite of a yarnover.

I unpick again. Wave the crochet hook around in the knitting a bit more. Eventually I end up with this:

To any non-knitters, that’s one pretty normal stitch. I’d spent 20 minutes getting back to exactly where I started from.

I took a deep breath.

And went for option b. Ignore it, increase a stitch invisibly, and carry on as if nothing happened.

Here’s a close up of how it looks now:

I can see the mistake, but I have to look for it.

Besides, mistake? Nah.


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Shawl Progress

Posted by on Feb 22 2007 | Crafty things

(Sorry about the dodgy picture, I took it very quickly this morning with my phone)

The shawl is progressing. It’s slow, but mainly because I’ve been working on other things, and haven’t had much time over the past few days to just sit down and knit on it without distraction. I’m a bit of a multi-tasker, and like to be doing a few things at once, even if those things aren’t particularly difficult. Watching tv and knitting, taking a bath and reading, knitting and chatting, etc etc. I can’t do that (yet) with lace knitting, and I think that’s why I’m enjoying it so much – I have to stay totally focussed on it, which means that I stop thinking about everything that needs doing, planning ideas and the like, and totally lose myself in yarnover, slip slip knit, knit, knit two together, yarnover, knit, knit, knit etc. At the moment it manages to switch my brain off, which is quite an achievement.

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