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Home for the holidays

Posted by on Dec 30 2006 | Crafty things

Above is the fireplace display in the dining room at my mum’s home. I’ll be destroying it later as there are pomegranetes in it and I realy love them. The lounge fireplace is full of a fire, and I’ve spent the last couple of days sitting in the rocking chair next to it, frantically trying to finish squares for a blanket for my grandma’s christmas present. (6 1/2 of 9 done so far).

Christmas was great, and I am now the very proud owner of a sewing machine, so before we flew to England I finished off this crazy patchwork bag, started by hand at a class at the knitting and stitching show.

Now, on to the gifts I gave:

A hat knit in secret for D – it used about 1 1/2 balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (sooooo soft) and 5mm needles in a 4×2 rib – I made it up as I went along really.

Not strictly knitted this, but crafted. This was a kit from the The Calico Basket – it came with a large length of wool felt and some Collinette Point 5, which gets sewn through the felt. It’s a really simple idea and looked lovely when it was finished.

And finally…

A clapotis for my mum’s birthday. It’s taken me months. It’s knit in some random coloured 4 ply yarn that I bought loads of in Birmingham. I can’t remember the needle size but it’s one that worked with the yarn. I really loved the Clapotis pattern – it was so easy to adapt size wise.
I kept to the pattern for most of it, as I was happy with the width, but I did 19 repeats of the main part of the pattern to get the length that I needed.

Just the blanket for Nanny and a manly scarf to finish (the scarf was gifted half finished) and I’m done. Phew.

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The Collected Stories – Katherine Mansfield

Posted by on Dec 23 2006 | Books

Another holiday read, and one that leant itself well to lazy hot summer days lying on the grass outside the cottage in Sweden.

Some of these stories I loved. More than a few of them left me feeling strangely disappointed. It’s a shame that there were so many unfinished short stories – I would have loved to know where she was going with some of them.
The characters are so clearly realised, and the situations so well described that you feel as though you are there, experiencing everything, but with a greater understanding of the overall situation than the protagonists themselves.

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Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

Posted by on Dec 22 2006 | Books

Right, lets get some books posted – I’m about 6 months behind on them. Although I’ve for some reason been reading less in these last 6 months there are still quite a few books to post.

Kafka on the Shore was one of my summer holiday reads. I’m a fan of Murakami, but at times when I’m reading his books I wonder why – they can be quite bleak at times. Once I’ve finished them though they stay with me as books I really enjoyed. Weird.
This was lighter than The Wind Up Bird Chronicle and Norwegian Wood (the others I’ve read), and would make a good introduction to him.
The characters are odd, but you really get into their heads, and the story itself is a little bizarre but nice too.

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Christmas 3, Teaandcakes 5

Posted by on Dec 22 2006 | General Ramblings

I think I’m winning.

The presents are bought (1 point Teaandcakes)
The tree is decorated (2 points Teaandcakes – 1 for buying it, 1 for decorating)
The knitting isn’t finished (1 point Christmas)
The apartment is a mess (1 point Christmas)
I’ve finished work (1 point Teaandcakes)
I’m at the tail end of a migraine (1 point to each for deliverance of such and beating it)

Flickr fiction will be late. I may post about some books later on. Right now I’m going to drink tea, eat hot buttered crumpets, enjoy looking at the tree, and get on with the knitting.

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Posted by on Dec 19 2006 | General Ramblings

ok, Cheryl tagged me with the meme that’s been going around the knitting blogs, for a list of 6 weird things about me.

For the record, I don’t like meme’s on the whole, so I will generally ignore them. However, I don’t mind this one so much, and I like what Cheryl wrote on her blog: that she finds my outlook on life quite atypical. So, here goes. 6 Weird things about me:

(in no particular order)

1. Following on from the above, I like that I’m perhaps a tiny bit eccentric.

2. Only yesterday the difference between a saloon car and hatchback car had to be explained to me again. I feel strongly that they are the wrong way around. To me, a hatchback should be the one with the separate boot at the back that opens up like a hatch, while a saloon should be the one where the boot opens up into the car like it was one big room. Apparently I’m wrong though, and it’s the other way around, although I’m yet to hear a decent explanation for this.

3. I like french fries dipped in vanilla ice cream or thick milkshakes. I don’t eat this much any more, as I stopped eating in fast food restaurants places, so rarely have both near me at the same time.

4. After 5 years living with The Gurrier I find I’ve caught some of his verbal ticks, so that there are times when the two of us are making beeping noises along with the radio station (newstalk), or repeating certain phrases or singing theme tunes. We do a particularly good rendition of the University Challenge theme tune. I’m sure the neighbours must think we’re nuts.

5. Popeye freaks me out.

6. I categorize my books. Right now it’s by genre, but it’s previously been by publisher and edition. I don’t really like alphabetically. I like being able to find the small editions of contemporary classics that penguin put out all in the same place. Genre caused a few difficulties – should Maeve Binchey be under trashy mindless novels hidden away on the bottom shelf behind the chair, or in the Irish section on the nice bookshelf in the hallway?

Now I’m supposed to tag 6 more people with this, but I’m not going to. If you’ve read this and would like to join in then consider yourself tagged, and leave me a comment so I’ll come and read yours.

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