Another Great Weekend

I’ll tell ya, my weekends are kicking ass right now. Not having to work weekends rocks.

Saturday I did a little shopping, not strictly for christmas, but sort of – secret pals and secret santas and overseas friends and family that needed to be shopped for. Then great food – super healthy lentil filled veggie moussaka with salads followed by the crepe in the post below this one. Full of delicious food we went to see The Prestige at the cinema. It was good. I won’t discuss it though as I’d need to spoil it. Then a few quiet drinks (tea for me: designated driver) and home for crisp sandwiches.

Today I’ve been pottering. There’s been some vacuming vacuuming hoovering. Some washing. Some cooking (smoked tofu shepherds pie – fry veggies, grate smoked tofu in, add beans, tomato sauce, whatever you feel like really, top with mashed potato). Some blocking that I can’t show you. A lovely hot bath with bubbles and a book. Tea, and biscuits. And, yes, some knitting that I can share. Not a lot, but some.

Firstly the sock. The sock’s been suffering through a lack of attention. Not a lack of will, it’s just been bypassed for other projects, when it really just needs some proper time spent on it. An hour or so today added a few more stripes, and I’m getting close to turning the heel. I want this finished so I can start another pair, knitted two together on one circular using the magic loop.

Secondly the lengthways knitted scarf. I’ve introduced a thin red stripe. There’s going to be two more rows of the black and then a thick red stripe down the middle. I’m finding this a bit hard on my wrist, so I’m doing it in small chunks.

Today I also braved the supermarket for a food shop. Blimey. It was terrifying. If I can avoid it between now and christmas I will. The shelves seem to stretch to the ceiling now, and the aisles are all blocked with extra displays of booze, chocolate, biscuits, fizzy drinks etc etc etc. It’s horrifying. Now, I appreciate the many delicious things that come with christmas. I’m fond of my food and I have an exceptionally sweet tooth but my word. It’s all a bit much. Back to the internet for shopping I think.