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The start of a heel flap

Posted by on Nov 29 2006 | Crafty things, General Ramblings

See, all I really needed was to focus on one knitting project at a time. The leg is finished, the heel flap a 3rd of the way done. Really should be concentrating on christmas knitting, which is exactly why I’m working on the sock for myself.

As Bobbi observed, I wound on the wool after the first one so that I started in the same place on the stripes and will have matching socks. I’m not sure if this is a particularly healthy habit to get into – I mean, I like things that match. Well, most of the time. If I wear odd socks it’s usually on purpose. I’ve found on this that I’ve been checking the stripes quite a lot against the already finished sock. Perhaps a little too much.

As I mentioned before my next pair will be knit together on one circular needle. I’ll be attempting to do this using the instructions for casting on shown here at sockbug. As was pointed out by Nic (who has a lot of sock yarn in her stash) this means there are two socks to ignore! That sounds right up my alley.

I’ve noticed this last month that I haven’t been blogging quite so much. I think part of it is that I’ve been spending more time driving than on the train, which means less thinking time, as I sing or, you know, concentrate on driving, while I’m driving. It also means less knitting time, which means less to blog about.
Anyway, I haven’t been putting up the books I’ve read for the last few months. I’ll be getting back to that soon. Not sure I’ll get them all up, and they won’t be in order, but it’ll do.

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Another Great Weekend

Posted by on Nov 27 2006 | Crafty things, Delicious Things, General Ramblings

I’ll tell ya, my weekends are kicking ass right now. Not having to work weekends rocks.

Saturday I did a little shopping, not strictly for christmas, but sort of – secret pals and secret santas and overseas friends and family that needed to be shopped for. Then great food – super healthy lentil filled veggie moussaka with salads followed by the crepe in the post below this one. Full of delicious food we went to see The Prestige at the cinema. It was good. I won’t discuss it though as I’d need to spoil it. Then a few quiet drinks (tea for me: designated driver) and home for crisp sandwiches.

Today I’ve been pottering. There’s been some vacuming vacuuming hoovering. Some washing. Some cooking (smoked tofu shepherds pie – fry veggies, grate smoked tofu in, add beans, tomato sauce, whatever you feel like really, top with mashed potato). Some blocking that I can’t show you. A lovely hot bath with bubbles and a book. Tea, and biscuits. And, yes, some knitting that I can share. Not a lot, but some.

Firstly the sock. The sock’s been suffering through a lack of attention. Not a lack of will, it’s just been bypassed for other projects, when it really just needs some proper time spent on it. An hour or so today added a few more stripes, and I’m getting close to turning the heel. I want this finished so I can start another pair, knitted two together on one circular using the magic loop.

Secondly the lengthways knitted scarf. I’ve introduced a thin red stripe. There’s going to be two more rows of the black and then a thick red stripe down the middle. I’m finding this a bit hard on my wrist, so I’m doing it in small chunks.

Today I also braved the supermarket for a food shop. Blimey. It was terrifying. If I can avoid it between now and christmas I will. The shelves seem to stretch to the ceiling now, and the aisles are all blocked with extra displays of booze, chocolate, biscuits, fizzy drinks etc etc etc. It’s horrifying. Now, I appreciate the many delicious things that come with christmas. I’m fond of my food and I have an exceptionally sweet tooth but my word. It’s all a bit much. Back to the internet for shopping I think.

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Banana Maple Crepe

Posted by on Nov 25 2006 | General Ramblings

Sweet, sweet maple syrup, with banana and almonds all wrapped up in a delicious crepe. Lemon in the city centre make the best crepes. A delicious pre cinema treat.

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Scarf on a train

Posted by on Nov 24 2006 | General Ramblings

Sorry for the poor picture quality. Finally a bit of knitting content! There’s not a lot that I can blog at the moment. The lengthways knitted scarf continues, slowly. It takes forever to get a row done. Forever, I’m telling you. Still, handy to carry around for train journeys.

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A Long Weekend in Pictures

Posted by on Nov 19 2006 | Crafty things, Delicious Things, General Ramblings

Phew, it’s been hard work this weekend, I can tell you. Very stressful. Tee hee. Actually, it’s been a much needed restful and relaxing time with friends.

It started on Friday, with a quick knitting lesson. Quick because that’s all it took – I said “this is how you do it” and demonstrated, and that was it. They were away:

The three of us spent the rest of the afternoon sitting, knitting, drinking tea and eating hobnobs. It was lovely.

Then we popped into the city centre for a bite to eat and a few pints at the Stag’s Head:

It wasn’t too late a night because we’re all old fogeys at heart we had to get up the next day to go along to the Saturday Dublin Stitch and Bitch group, where I got to meet
Diane, who’s just moved here from Toronto.

The beginners needles flew, with one scarf almost completed, and the other (a finer rib with perfect tension) developing cables. Yes, cables. On his second day knitting.

Then it was off to briefly cheer along the remaining Nanowrimo participants (I can no longer count myself among them) before food and another relaxing evening at home, knitting.

Today we braved the weather and headed down to the Wicklow mountains to look at the bleak peatiness of them. Very spectacular but not so easy to photograph as the wind almost knocked me off my feet and it was teeming rain. Anyway, this is Lough Tay, where we were out of the car for almost a whole 5 minutes. The colours of the mountains were lovely today – rich red-browns on one side, and orangey greens on the other.

Then, as it had been a tough day looking at all the fresh air and walks that are nice to do when it’s not raining, we visited Powerscourt House for a cream tea at Avoca.

Nothing compliments a dense scone with fresh whipped cream and sweet fruity jam like a nice cup of tea. A delicious way to round off a lovely weekend.

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