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Flickr Fiction: The Town Show

Posted by on Oct 28 2006 | Writing

The annual town show was a Big Deal. Every year on the August Bank Holiday weekend representatives from each of the surrounding villages would exhibit a display representing their village and the local crafts and skills. The winning display afforded the villagers the opportunity to gloat over their neighbours until the following year. The competition was closely fought.

The rivalry between Lower Hambleton and Upper Hambleton was well established, dating back to the original division between the village of Hambleton. The town show was the modern battleground, and in each village the Women’s Institute, the school PTA, and the Ladies Circle all pulled together to show their neighbours exactly which village was the most creative and civic minded. Of course, frequently the members of the WI, PTA and LC were exactly the same group of people, but the community mindedness of the three groups working together was the important thing.

In 2003 Lower Hambleton won with a field scene, complete with cows, rabbits and trees, designed from flowers.
In 2004 Upper Hambleton won with a giant coffee and walnut cake in the shape of the village, iced to show significant landmarks.
In 2005 Upper Hambleton won with a knitted sheep, that everybody who could wrangle two pointy sticks had been called on to help with.

This year Lower Hambleton were determined to even things up, and finally stop the talk of the wonder of the knitted sheep that they had had to endure for the past twelve months. This year it was going to be different. This year they were going to carve a cow out of cheese.


Inspired by This picture taken by isolano from Flickr.

Written for Flickr Fiction Friday. You can usually find Flickr Fiction by:Elimare, Donal, Tadamack, Aquafortis, HeavySigh, and Chris.

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Tea Swap Pressies!

Posted by on Oct 27 2006 | Crafty things, Delicious Things, Swaps and Exchanges

My Knitters Tea Swap package arrived yesterday, and I was able to collect it from the post office this morning. It was huge!
(apologies for the poor image quality of the picture over on the tea swap page – I don’t understand blogger, I’m a wordpress girl)

…and exciting to open.

Look at all the goodies:

My spoiler was Becca, and she sent over a lovely package.

I have:
A beautiful ‘cup of kindness’ box that I’ll be using for notions
A tea notepad that’s now at home stuck to the fridge
Yummy looking maple syrup candy that I just know is going to send me on a sugar rush
Apple and Spice Cake mixture that I plan on making this weekend
Sweets in a cute little tin
Autumn design tissues, so I can be stylish even with the flu
Beautiful, beautiful hand dyed yarn in lovely warm and happy colours
Ahhh, chocolate covered espresso beans – exactly what I need to get me though Nanowrimo
A Chamomile tea blend perfect to bring me down from the espresso beans

Thank you so much Becca, this was a lovely package to receive – you’ve really made my weekend.

Update: The maple candy is no more. Sweet, sweet, deliciousness. Mmmmmm.

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Giant Cappuccino

Posted by on Oct 26 2006 | General Ramblings

Pictured next to a fetching for scale.

I’m making up for missing my usual city centre based knitting meetings by going on a tour of the weekly regional ones. Last week I made the Drogheda Knit and Natter, this week Santry. Gotta get my fix! I fear for myself after this coffee though, it’s huge.

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Finished Fetchings

Posted by on Oct 24 2006 | Crafty things

Here’s the info:
Pattern – Fetching from Knitty.
Yarn – Debbie Bliss Merino Aran, 100% Merino wool
Needles – 3.5mm 100cm long Addi Turbos (Used magic loop)

The pattern calls for 4mm needles, but, well, I wanted to try the magic loop, and don’t have any 4mm circulars yet. Also, I have small hands, and these fit perfectly. They were a bit tight to knit though, so if I was making them for myself again I might use a dk yarn instead.

The magic loop method is great – it took a little while for me to get into it but I really like it, and I’m looking forward to trying it for socks.

I hadn’t cabled before either, and this was ok. Not great, although I do think they’re really pretty, but not bad either. Just sort of ‘meh’. I’ll probably use them again, and there are some cabled scarves I’d like to make, but I’m not about to start an aran sweater any time soon.

The pattern was really straightforward, and aside from picking up the thumb, which was torturous and evil and almost stopped me from making a second one a bit fiddly, overall this was a quick and satisfying project, and I’m trying to think of people who might like a pair.

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Mrs Beeton

Posted by on Oct 22 2006 | Books, General Ramblings

I’m a big fan of Marks and Spencer. In Watching the English, anthropologist Kate Fox describes how you can tell a person’s social class (yes, we have social class in England), by what they buy from M&S. Everyone shops there, it’s what they shop there for that counts.
Posh people: Food only
Upper middle class: Food and underwear
Middle class: Underwear and some clothes
Lower-middle class: Clothes only

Obviously it’s not an exact science, but it’s pretty accurate. I’m not telling where I fit, plus, they’ve changed a lot over the last few years so it’s less clear cut.

Anyway, I was there today (but what was I buying??), and saw that they have a selection of hardback books made up from extracts from Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management. If you don’t know who Mrs Beeton is, please go and read about her here on Wikipedia. Anyway, the book was published in 1861. It’s available for downloading here at Project Gutenberg, so it wouldn’t just be about having it, but about a nice set of books, with great classic recipes and tips on how to run a household. I looked at the Cakes and Baking one first – looked ok. Then I picked up the Household Tips one. And there they were, on the contents page, the words that made me put the books down and walk away:
Chapter 4: Microwave Cookery

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