The Cardigans, Ambassador Theatre, Sun 23rd April

I was a bit aprehensive about this gig. Firstly, it was on a Sunday night, and I don’t like leaving the comfort of my sofa on a Sunday night. Secondly, the weekend had been really chilled out and relaxing, and I didn’t feel like changing that. Thirdly, I was taking Donal with me, and he was just coming to keep me company, so his evening was at stake and if it was bad I woud feel responsible for wasting his time. Finally, I used to love The Cardigans, and I was a bit nervous about seeing them in case I was let down.

When I say I used to love them, I really mean it. I even hung out on a fan message board for a while. I bought all of their stuff, singles too, to get the b-sides – I still love their version of The boys are back in town.

They were producing sweet sounding poppy stuff when that’s what I wanted to listen to. Then when I wanted something darker they brought out First Band On The Moon, and then Gran Turismo. Brilliant.

I’ve heard their latest two albums, but haven’t bought them (yet), so I was also a bit concerned that I wouldn’t know anything they played.

Anyway, the gig rocked. They were fab. I wished I’d seen them before (they never played in Sheffield while I was there and there were so many other gigs on that I didn’t need to leave Sheffield to go see bands). They played a mixture of songs, oldish and new, and didn’t play Lovefool (which was a good thing).

I also got my new all time favourite t-shirt ever:

I want to wear it every day.