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Posted by on Apr 30 2006 | Crafty things

I’ve been swatching today. Not a great picture I know, but up above you have three swatches of Sunbeam St Ives 4-ply in a colour I fell in love with and wanted to make a cardigan out of. Not going to work. I don’t really mind, the yarn’s been screaming “make socks out of me” since I bought it.

At the top is the cardigan pattern, featuring my very first cable. It’s just too loose and the gauge is all off.

At the bottom is stockingette on 2.5mm needles, which is a bit too tight.

In the middle is stockingette on 3.25mm needles, which is spot on.

When I’m brave enough, it might become pomatomus and jaywalker socks.

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The Cardigans, Ambassador Theatre, Sun 23rd April

Posted by on Apr 30 2006 | Cultural Things

I was a bit aprehensive about this gig. Firstly, it was on a Sunday night, and I don’t like leaving the comfort of my sofa on a Sunday night. Secondly, the weekend had been really chilled out and relaxing, and I didn’t feel like changing that. Thirdly, I was taking Donal with me, and he was just coming to keep me company, so his evening was at stake and if it was bad I woud feel responsible for wasting his time. Finally, I used to love The Cardigans, and I was a bit nervous about seeing them in case I was let down.

When I say I used to love them, I really mean it. I even hung out on a fan message board for a while. I bought all of their stuff, singles too, to get the b-sides – I still love their version of The boys are back in town.

They were producing sweet sounding poppy stuff when that’s what I wanted to listen to. Then when I wanted something darker they brought out First Band On The Moon, and then Gran Turismo. Brilliant.

I’ve heard their latest two albums, but haven’t bought them (yet), so I was also a bit concerned that I wouldn’t know anything they played.

Anyway, the gig rocked. They were fab. I wished I’d seen them before (they never played in Sheffield while I was there and there were so many other gigs on that I didn’t need to leave Sheffield to go see bands). They played a mixture of songs, oldish and new, and didn’t play Lovefool (which was a good thing).

I also got my new all time favourite t-shirt ever:

I want to wear it every day.

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Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde

Posted by on Apr 30 2006 | Books

So I got paid, I was allowed to buy books again. I had to get this. The fourth Thursday Next book. Fabulous. Made me laugh out loud may times.
Perfect with a piece of toast.

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The Ragwitch by Garth Nix

Posted by on Apr 30 2006 | Books

This took me a long time to read. I started it at the beginning of the year, but kept putting it back down. I’ve discovered it’s Garth Nix’s first book, which makes sense having read it – it’s not as polished or gripping as his Old Kingdom trilogy, which is excellent.
The premise is terrifying, and a lot of the book is too – a rag doll, who’s a witch, kidnaps one of the main characters and traps her inside the giant, evil, rag doll body. Unfortunately the quest part takes a bit too long to get going, and I found that the style of writing seemed aimed at younger readers (yep, I do know this is a kids book, I mean young kids rather than teenagers), while the central idea of the ragwitch would have been too scary for them.

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The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

Posted by on Apr 30 2006 | Books

I’d picked this up and put it down again many times in the book shop. It’s about a 14 year old girl who is murdered, and looking down from heaven at the aftermath for her family and friends. You can see why I kept putting it down, right?
Then a friend sent it to me, and recommended it, so I finally picked it up. And couldn’t put it down again until I’d finished. Seriously. It was strangely gripping. Beautifully written. Moving, and sad, but in a full-of-emotion way rather than a depressing way.

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