Carrot Cake from Itsa Bagel

I was treating myself to a bagel from Itsa Bagel for lunch (The Gormet Veggie, will review this next time), and decided to double the treat and have some carrot cake for dessert.

This cake was so close to being good. To describe it properly I will need to break it down into two parts: The Cake and The Icing

The Cake
The cake part was tasty. I like to taste the cinnamon, and there was plenty of it there. The cake was sweet and spongy, rather that carroty and wholesome, but I can live with that. There’s space for both types of carrot cake in my life. Unfortunately the cake part was too crumbly – breaking off bits with my fingers proved unsuccessful – it just caused the sponge to disintegrate and crumbs to explode all over the floor. Once I’d cleaned up the worst of the crumbs I tried again – the only way to eat it was to pick it up in the cling film and cram it in my mouth. No, really, it was the only way to eat it.

The Icing
I love the cream cheese icing that comes with carrot cake. I was really impressed by the cake:icing ratio here. However. This was not cream cheese icing. This was cream cheese with a hint of lemon. Somebody forgot the icing sugar. Icing on carrot cake should be really, really sweet, to complement the carroty wholesomeness of the cake. This was not the case. I left most of the icing. Scraped it off the top. This is unheard of and something I was not happy about doing. In fact, I think I’m still recovering from having to do it.

Overall this was a let down. The addition of bags of icing sugar would have made it delicious, but it was not to be. I will not be buying it again.