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Haagan Dazs Caramel Crisp

Posted by on Feb 27 2006 | Cultural Things, Delicious Things, General Ramblings

Oh my, what a day Saturday was. Somehow the Dublin Riots passed me by, despite being in the city centre relaxing over lunch with a friend while cars were being torched 5 minutes walk away on Nassau Street.

We had tickets for the cinema that night, and the plan was to stay in town until then, but there was a bit of an edge to the place, and a banger being set off just in front of us on Grafton Street put the wind up me a bit (yes, I am a coward). So, we headed to a local safe house for tea and knitting and a bit of rugby before heading back into the city centre to the cinema.

Anyway, we went to see The Proposition as part of the Jameson International Film Festival, and it was excellent. I highly, highly recommend the film. It’s sort of an australian revenge western. The director, John Hillcote, and John Hurt were there for questions afterwards, which was pretty fucking cool, I have to say.

Anyway, I’d been too full at lunch to have any cake, so I decided to make up for it with an ice cream at the cinema (Cineworld, up on Parnell St). This was an interesting ice cream. The Caramel Crisp is caramel ice cream wrapped in a caramel coating (sort of hard, like choc-ice coating texture, but caramel). So far, so good. Deliciously cool, creamy and sweet.

Unfortunately, in their wisdom, the good people at Haagen-Dazs decided to add wafer to the top and bottom of the caramel coating.
Now, this may sound ok, but the wafer breaks differently to the caramel coating. This means that sometimes you get some wafter in your mouth, sometimes it just falls off and lands in your lap. That’s just the way it goes, I guess.

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Carrot Cake from Itsa Bagel

Posted by on Feb 24 2006 | Delicious Things

I was treating myself to a bagel from Itsa Bagel for lunch (The Gormet Veggie, will review this next time), and decided to double the treat and have some carrot cake for dessert.

This cake was so close to being good. To describe it properly I will need to break it down into two parts: The Cake and The Icing

The Cake
The cake part was tasty. I like to taste the cinnamon, and there was plenty of it there. The cake was sweet and spongy, rather that carroty and wholesome, but I can live with that. There’s space for both types of carrot cake in my life. Unfortunately the cake part was too crumbly – breaking off bits with my fingers proved unsuccessful – it just caused the sponge to disintegrate and crumbs to explode all over the floor. Once I’d cleaned up the worst of the crumbs I tried again – the only way to eat it was to pick it up in the cling film and cram it in my mouth. No, really, it was the only way to eat it.

The Icing
I love the cream cheese icing that comes with carrot cake. I was really impressed by the cake:icing ratio here. However. This was not cream cheese icing. This was cream cheese with a hint of lemon. Somebody forgot the icing sugar. Icing on carrot cake should be really, really sweet, to complement the carroty wholesomeness of the cake. This was not the case. I left most of the icing. Scraped it off the top. This is unheard of and something I was not happy about doing. In fact, I think I’m still recovering from having to do it.

Overall this was a let down. The addition of bags of icing sugar would have made it delicious, but it was not to be. I will not be buying it again.

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Posted by on Feb 22 2006 | Delicious Things, General Ramblings

A little while ago some friends and I had a rather long (looking back on it now) conversation about how things might be in a biscuit based society. You can find a summary of the conversation here and I recommend having a read. Any comments on which of the views you feel most likely appreciated (especially if you agree with mine)

(For general buiscuit related news I of course suggest you visit a nice cup of tea and a sit down.)

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Last FM

Posted by on Feb 20 2006 | Cultural Things

Last FM is a sort of online radio station I was directed towards by a wise person. You have to register and stuff, but it’s free. Then you enter in music that you feel like listening to, and it plays you music like that – some from the bands and some from others that it feels you might like. You can skip songs you don’t like, ban songs totally, or say that you love a song, all of which helps it work out what you want to listen to.

Here’s what I entered:
Belle and Sebastian
Isobel Campbell
The Cardigans
A Camp
The Kings of Convenience
Beth Orton
Jim Noir
The Boy Least Likely To

So far it’s played me a selection from the above (good choices too – the Cardigans track was from Emmerdale, their first album and my favourite), plus:
Everything but the girl, which I banned as I don’t like them.
The Shins
Architecture in Helsinki
Erlend Oye (the O should have a vertical line through it)
The Cranberries (skipped that one)

I hadn’t heard any A Camp before – it’s Nina from the Cardigans solo project, but the one track I heard was excellent and I shall be buying the album from amazon as soon as my credit card says I can.
The boy least likely to and Jim Noir I haven’t heard either, but they’ve been recommended by a friend with excellent taste in music who always steers me right.

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My Day

Posted by on Feb 20 2006 | General Ramblings

Today I’ve been feeling better, plus I was on a day off work (owed from a saturday worked a few weeks ago) and this is what I’ve done:

1. Gone to the library. More on libraries in another post.

2. Studied. For several hours. I’ve been learning about the brain. It’s been fun, I enjoyed the neuroscience stuff I did in a basic module at college, this was a sort of revision of that as preparation for learning about addiction and ageing. I should have done this part of the course before now, but the DVD it’s on only arrived last week, so it’s not my fault.

3. Made hummus. Mmmmmmmm.

4. Felted (or fulled, if you’re an american, or shrunk on a hot wash on purpose, if you just want the common sense explanation) a knitted bag and strap. Pictures to follow soon.

5. Cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms. My hands need a lot of moisturising now.

It’s been a productive day, I’m happy.

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