Lifestyle Solutions

So, I’m at home at the moment, which means that the Saturday Telegraph is there to be looked at. A catalogue came free with it – one of those innovations type ones – Easylife lifestyle solutions.
Here’s a selection of the products.

Dog bark control collar – to control your dog’s barking in just 3 weeks.
Briquette maker – recycle old newspapers into free heat
Super mini ear – micro sized hearing amplifier
Knee relief – support and relief for the weak-kneed
Nordic slippers – warm feet for everyone!
Bath grab bar – get in and out of the bath with ease
Bunion corrector – correct bunions while you sleep

Now, mixed in with these, so you wouldn’t notice them, not in a seperate section for the over 40’s only, are:
Natura-viga – enhance sexual performance, vigour and vitality
Vigel – Girls, enhance your sexual experience!
Sex for the over 40’s videos – can making love get better with age? – It’s true!
Breast lifts (8 pairs) – Perky bustline you had when you were young
Vacum pump – Stronger/larger erections

I’m disturbed. It’s going to take me a while to get over this.