Very short hair

So, yesterday my hair was cut short. I really like it. It was cut by a trainee for her final exam, so she spent ages on it, longer then anyone has before. Then she put loads of goop in it and made it look all big, but now I like it. Best of all, it was all free! If I’d have realised there were people out there willing to cut my hair for free I would have been getting it cut more often. I may have t if I stay with the very short look.

Anyway, next week is the exam presentation, so I have to get all dressed up in a posh dress and someone’s going to do my make up and stuff.
I asked if I needed to bring anything with me.
Her: “Any high heeled strappy sandals”
Me: “Erm…… I don’t own any heels at all, sorry”
Her: “That’s ok, just bring along any costumer jewellery you have”
Me: “Erm…. I don’t own any, I have some nice chunky silver stuff but that’s all”
Her: “Don’t worry about it, just bring your foundation with you and we’ll be fine”
Me: “Erm…. ”

I think she might be regretting her choice of model.