Tea in Galway

Now, this is how a pot of tea for one should look.

This was a couple of weeks ago on my trip to Galway, I’ve got a bit behind on the tea reviews.

Setting: Cafe du Journal, Quay St, Galway. Lovely little cafe, a bit dark but ok, I wasn’t the only person alone and they didn’t seem to find it strange that I was. My panini was delicious – full of fresh roasted veggies and dripping with homemade rocket pesto.

Cup: My only complaint would have to be the cup here – it was a bit too thick for my tastes, and I don’t like the colour yellow. Not sure why, just don’t.

Pot: Now, the pot was excellent, just the right size for one person, it had a good couple of cups of tea in it, and poured without spilling.

Beverage: The tea was nice, could have had a touch more flavour to it, but was smooth and not bitter.

Overall a good experience. I did feel a bit strange taking the photo this time – I’m happy being alone in cafes, but alone and photographing your pot of tea does make you look, well, a little eccentric shall we say.

I didn’t have any cake, my panini was enough and I had to get back to work, but a few people around me were tucking in and it looked good – generous portion sizes, good amounts of cream, and cake and desserts that looked home made and messy.

I would have liked to have been able to sit around for an hour or so, reading my book and savouring the tea with something nice and sweet. One time I’ll go to Galway again for fun instead of work and get to do just that.