Dublin Dishcloth and Fairtrade Swap

I’m a sucker for swaps. I’m trying to wean myself off them, especially as I have way too much yarn, and I’m not good at giving it away. I have plans for it all. I’ll happily knit it and then give it away though. Go figure.

Anyway. Chicwithstix organised an Ireland only swap recently, that appealed to me. It was for a knit/crochet cotton wash/dishcloth, and fairtrade goodies.

I fail at secret swaps apparently, I didn’t realise it was supposed to remain secret once the packages were sent, I just thought it was secret until then. Ooops. Can’t be undone anyway.

I collected my wonderful package from the post office on Friday. The always-fabulous SheKnitUpThatBall spoiled me rotten.

Fairtrade Swap1
Coffee, sugar, two bars of chocolate (it may look like one in the picture, but I assure you that’s just an optical illusion), lovely fairtrade recipies (with a coffee brownie one to match the ingredients and OMG does it sound tasty), scrummy soft cotton yarn, and six lovely mini washcloths spelling out my name! Lets look at those properly:

Fairtrade Swap2
Aren’t they great? I love them. Perfect for my skincare routine.

Thank you so much guys, for organising and spoiling me :-)