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Lovely Surprises

Posted by on Aug 09 2009 | Swaps and Exchanges

One of the downsides of not blogging so much is that I’ve become a bit disconnected from friends and a bit more hermit like and anti-social. It’s a fault of mine, that I try to keep an eye on. I think I could be quite happy living in a cottage by a beach on an isolated island, even though I like having all the conveniences that come with city life.

This week I received a lovely surprise in the post. I came home one day to a missed delivery notice, and went to the post office to collect what I thought was my new copy of Vintage Baby Knits – in fact that arrived the next day, and is OMG full of the cutest baby patterns, and is just a beautiful book to own.

Anyway, instead the man in the post office handed me a big green padded envelope that arrived as a surprise package full of lovely things from Sweden – thanks to Catrin, a lovely internet knitting friend. A while ago Catrin had been looking for some Irish loose tea, and I’d sent some on, not expecting anything in return. It was a lovely surprise and really brightened my day.


There’s some lovely tea, a recipe book that includes the recipe for the delicious cinnamon buns that we became a bit addicted to in Finland and Sweden when we were there, a book, sweets, and a beautiful skein of yarn, that I’d been admiring on Catrin’s blog when she got it, but I had no idea was intended for me. I’m hurrying to finish the socks I’m working on at the moment so I can start on another pair with this yarn. It’s really soft and I adore the colours.

Thank you Catrin!

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Dublin Dishcloth and Fairtrade Swap

Posted by on May 10 2009 | Swaps and Exchanges

I’m a sucker for swaps. I’m trying to wean myself off them, especially as I have way too much yarn, and I’m not good at giving it away. I have plans for it all. I’ll happily knit it and then give it away though. Go figure.

Anyway. Chicwithstix organised an Ireland only swap recently, that appealed to me. It was for a knit/crochet cotton wash/dishcloth, and fairtrade goodies.

I fail at secret swaps apparently, I didn’t realise it was supposed to remain secret once the packages were sent, I just thought it was secret until then. Ooops. Can’t be undone anyway.

I collected my wonderful package from the post office on Friday. The always-fabulous SheKnitUpThatBall spoiled me rotten.

Fairtrade Swap1
Coffee, sugar, two bars of chocolate (it may look like one in the picture, but I assure you that’s just an optical illusion), lovely fairtrade recipies (with a coffee brownie one to match the ingredients and OMG does it sound tasty), scrummy soft cotton yarn, and six lovely mini washcloths spelling out my name! Lets look at those properly:

Fairtrade Swap2
Aren’t they great? I love them. Perfect for my skincare routine.

Thank you so much guys, for organising and spoiling me :-)

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Feminist Knitter’s Swap

Posted by on Apr 05 2009 | Swaps and Exchanges

Hello. I am still alive. I’ve just been off working lots and having lots of fun and not really getting around to blogging.

One of the many reasons this is bad is that I’ve neglected to post about a fabulous swap package I got. I’m a member of the “This is what a feminist knits like” group on Ravelry, and we had a swap. My awesome swap partner was Sarah from String Theory, and her gifts arrived in the middle of a crazy busy week and really brightened things up for me.

Look at all this!

So many lovely things.
Lovely tasty teas, chocolate covered espresso beans, reeses peanut butter cups which are oh-my-goodness so delicious, loads of sugar and cream yarn which I just love in great bright colours, some cute bird buttons…

A lovely soft cotton washcloth with cinnamon soap (mmmm), and some lip balm.

And last, but definitely not least:

A feminist teacosy, which is so thoughtful and awesome on so many levels.
The picture makes it hard to make out, but it’s knit in Green, White and Violet (for Give Women Votes). It fits both my main teapots perfectly (the other one is a bit taller and skinnier and it works great on that one too). It’s so well made – I’m not up to manipulating three colours like that, and I’m a bit in awe. It’s been well used since it arrived and I love it lots and lots.

I really enjoyed swapping with Sarah – she’s a great person and I really appreciate the time and thought that went into everything she sent me.

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Knitter’s Tea Swap

Posted by on Jun 22 2007 | Swaps and Exchanges

Blimey! I’ve been totally treated!

Look what Kathy from Sit, Knit and Be Happy sent to me:

Do you see all that Sugar and Cream? Isn’t it wonderful! It’s so, so, so much better than anything similar I’ve had here – I’ve been knitting with some of it already (I just couldn’t help myself) and it’s great to knit with too – really sturdy, but soft and squishy too.

There’s also some Trekking Pro Natura, a wool and bamboo sock yarn which is in beautiful shades of blue and grey and is really smooth and I can’t wait to knit with it. Plus (I know! there’s more yarn!) some soft merino wool (from near to Kathy?) in a lovely blue. I have a few ideas up my sleeve for this.

Now, the delicious things – 3 teas! A tropical rooibus that I meant to have for my elevenses today but I didn’t get to have any (long story, bizarre but dull), some Bengal Spice which I already know that I love, and some cammomile and lavender too! Plus (again, there’s more!) Chocolate chip cookies and Cinnamon Grahams from Trader Joes. Mmmmmm. And local lavender honey. And chocolate from Paris. Wow.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, there were also some scrabble tile stitch markers which are way geeky and cool (I love scrabble), Brittany Birch needles and Surina sock dpns. I’m blown away.

I feel really guilty at the moment too, as Kathy’s package from me is sat right here next to me. All wrapped up and almost ready to go. I’m waiting on one more thing, that I ordered from overseas, that really should have arrived by now, and I don’t want to send the package without it. I’ve had so much fun getting it all ready, and I really want to get it sent so that Kathy receives it soon! (Sorry for the delay Kathy)

I’ve had great fun being matched with Kathy – Suzie made a great match putting the two of us together.

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Knitter’s Treat Exchange Package!

Posted by on May 15 2007 | Swaps and Exchanges

This morning I was able to run to the post office before work to collect a very exciting box:

Inside were all sorts of wonderful goodies, all just for me!

There’s some Misti Alpaca lace yarn in a lovely bright red, some green Alpaca with a twist Highlander which is sooo soft and yummy, three types of tea (from Adagio and Teavana) that I’ll be sampling soon, some red bean jelly sweets which look and feel really interesting and I have to admit to being a tiny bit apprehensive about trying, some wonderful smelling soaps (a ginger lime one and a lavender foot scrub) – both of which I’ll be using in my bath later, a solid chocolate easter bunny (solid! not hollow!), a copy of Craft magazine, and best of all, these:

Yep, Tea and Cakes stitch markers, made by my treater herself! These are so fabulous, I just love them to pieces.

My treater was Melissa, and she did a fantastic job of treating me! I feel so spoiled! Thanks a million Melissa :-)

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