The Wedding

Well then. Seeing as I don’t seem to be getting around to writing about the rest of the honeymoon (it was fab, Florence is fantastic, Lucca was lovely, we had a super time), I think I should at least talk about the wedding day.

All the pictures in this post are from our wonderful photographers, MaC Photographic. Mike and Ceire were really brilliant. I don’t usually enjoy having my photograph taken, and I don’t know if my picture has ever actually appeared on the blog, aside from knitting shots with the head cut off, so this will be a first, and these are the first photos I’ve had that I really enjoy looking at. If you need photos for anything I can’t recommend Mike and Ceire highly enough.

We had a grey, and mainly rainy day for the wedding. It didn’t matter though – it’d take more than a bit of weather to spoil such a happy day. We started off early enough, with a trip to the registry office with immediate family to get the legal bit out of the way, then popped round the corner for coffee and pastries -yum. Then we divided up into teams and headed off to our respective duties – mine was to get my hair done and get to the hotel to get ready properly and have my make up done. Sarah-Jane is a wonder with make up. I don’t wear any usually, and whenever I’ve had it done before I’ve looked pretty terrifying. Sarah-Jane did it perfectly for me, and made the whole thing totally stress free. She is a make up genius as far as I’m concerned.

E kept me sane through the whole day, and my beautiful flower girls were adorable and perfectly behaved.

Our wedding and reception were at a small country house just outside of Dublin, and we had our own humanist ceremony out there, which was really personal, and just right for us. I was nervous walking down the aisle, I don’t know why, and I was glad that we decided to walk down together, as it meant I had D’s hand to hold.

One of my brothers sang a song that he’d written for us, which almost made me cry: A Song for Issy (The video isn’t from the wedding, but it’s a beautiful song)

Our mothers both read for us, and our friends and family spoke about us as a couple.
We said our vows, exchanged rings, and became husband and wife.

We dragged everyone outside in the rain for a big group photo, took most of the rest inside, but the rain stopped again just long enough for us to get some lovely shots in the garden.

We had a delicious vegetarian dinner, and many, many speeches (well, ok, seven, but I think that’s quite a lot for a wedding), which made us smile and laugh, and we were surrounded by our closest friends and family, and I felt very loved.

Then there was cake, and dancing, and talking, and more dancing, and more friends and family, and it was over before I knew it.

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  1. What gorgeous photos, they really captured you & your husband and the happiness of the day. It sounds like a very special personal event. Thanks for sharing them!
    (Your dress was fab by the way)

    Many congratulations again!

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