Lovely Surprises

One of the downsides of not blogging so much is that I’ve become a bit disconnected from friends and a bit more hermit like and anti-social. It’s a fault of mine, that I try to keep an eye on. I think I could be quite happy living in a cottage by a beach on an isolated island, even though I like having all the conveniences that come with city life.

This week I received a lovely surprise in the post. I came home one day to a missed delivery notice, and went to the post office to collect what I thought was my new copy of Vintage Baby Knits – in fact that arrived the next day, and is OMG full of the cutest baby patterns, and is just a beautiful book to own.

Anyway, instead the man in the post office handed me a big green padded envelope that arrived as a surprise package full of lovely things from Sweden – thanks to Catrin, a lovely internet knitting friend. A while ago Catrin had been looking for some Irish loose tea, and I’d sent some on, not expecting anything in return. It was a lovely surprise and really brightened my day.


There’s some lovely tea, a recipe book that includes the recipe for the delicious cinnamon buns that we became a bit addicted to in Finland and Sweden when we were there, a book, sweets, and a beautiful skein of yarn, that I’d been admiring on Catrin’s blog when she got it, but I had no idea was intended for me. I’m hurrying to finish the socks I’m working on at the moment so I can start on another pair with this yarn. It’s really soft and I adore the colours.

Thank you Catrin!

2 thoughts on “Lovely Surprises

  1. First of all,I’m sorry my poor English ability . The wool color are beautiful I think in your website. I teach textile art in high school in Japan.I like make something. When I saw such beautiful colors,I would be exiting.I just started my blog about making something.I’m going to write about textile soon.

  2. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo I notice is in there beneath the yarn.

    A great book.I discovered it myself browsing in Borders one day and Stieg Larsson is, or sadly was, a brilliant writer.

    A thriller, but without abandoning description, and place and even food.

    The yarn looks good too mind, not that I would know anything about that.

    My mum would though – a big knitter.

    Have been trying to persuade her to knit me a gansey – an East Coast fishing jersey made of heavy cotton.

    Each fishing port has it’s own design, for instance, the Whitby gansey incorporates a pattern that replicates the 99 steps up to Whitby abbey.

    And quite how I’ve ended up commenting on knitting patterns I’m not sure. Must be the effect of this blog.

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